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2024-04-17 - Jamaican trip takes turn for the worse for ill St. Catharines woman

2024-04-17 - Convicted Niagara sex offender altered criminal record check provided to potential employer, court hears

2024-04-17 - Province spending $1 billion on Beck hydro complex in Niagara Falls

2024-04-17 - Virgil residents upset about proposed 166-unit subdivision

2024-04-17 - Niagara towns and cities hosting tree giveaways, community cleanups, expos and more to celebrate Earth Day

2024-04-17 - 10 highlights from the federal budget — and 1 new rule for cellphone providers

2024-04-17 - Canadians with disabilities get help in federal budget, but critics warn it’s not enough

2024-04-17 - Budget reveals how public lands will be used to build 1.2 million homes

2024-04-17 - Trudeau government targets Canada's richest to help pay for spending in $480.5B budget

2024-04-17 - Ottawa's largest-ever financial commitment to artificial intelligence includes funds for development — and a promise to improve the lives of younger Canadians

2024-04-17 - Guilty pleas in beating of mentally ill man on Saskatchewan farm

2024-04-17 - Student made to feel 'worthless' by YouTuber Jack Densmore, sexual assault trial hears

2024-04-17 - Halton police fail to tell public of officer charged with assault

2024-04-17 - Is Hamilton's firm urban boundary again under threat? Here's why anti-sprawl advocates think so

2024-04-17 - Arrests made in $24M gold and cash heist at Pearson, Peel Regional Police announce

2024-04-17 - Ontario gas prices expected to go up 14 cents a litre Thursday, Dan McTeague says

2024-04-17 - Cherry Blossoms are blooming early across Ontario: Here’s a handy online guide of where to see them near you

2024-04-17 - Housing slump deepens as new home construction plunges in Waterloo Region

2024-04-17 - Russian missiles slam into a Ukraine city and kill 17 people as the war approaches a critical stage

2024-04-17 - Netanyahu brushes off calls for restraint, saying Israel will decide how to respond to Iran's attack

2024-04-17 - Niagara Falls GO bus times to be disrupted this weekend due to track repairs

2024-04-17 - Port Colborne prepares to regulate short-term rentals

2024-04-17 - B.C. man who pushed senior during dispute outside Costco loses manslaughter appeal

2024-04-17 - Three teens arrested in alleged high school hockey hazing in Manitoba

2024-04-17 - Atlantic City mayor, wife charged with abusing and assaulting teenage daughter

2024-04-17 - Biden announces help for federal employees who are military spouses and want to telework from abroad

2024-04-17 - Columbia University's president rebuts claims she has allowed school to become a hotbed of hatred

2024-04-17 - Liberal budget hits a home run on housing, but plays small ball on care economy

2024-04-17 - Tim Hortons launches pizza nationally to 'stretch the brand' to afternoon, night

2024-04-17 - In federal budget, Ottawa looks to Canada Post land for building housing supply

2024-04-17 - Housing starts down seven per cent in March from February: CMHC

2024-04-16 - 2 for 1: St. Catharines and Lincoln take tourism to another level

2024-04-16 - Weapons call leads to lockdown at St. Catharines hospital

2024-04-16 - Niagara mental health advocates await details of promised funding for youth

2024-04-16 - ‘Attempts to bait police into a pursuit’: Niagara police looking for motorcyclist following Fort Erie incident

2024-04-16 - Driver nearly collides with stopped Niagara police cruiser in Wainfleet, hits guardrail instead

2024-04-16 - Niagara Symphony Orchestra rolls over Beethoven, Beatles and more for 76th season

2024-04-16 - Job losses. Empty classrooms. How are Ontario colleges, including Niagara, bracing for a drop in international students this fall?

2024-04-16 - Two Welland Canal bridges closed for maintenance this week

2024-04-16 - Fired Welland chief administrative officer Steve Zorbas paid $290,428 last year

2024-04-16 - Tim Hortons launches pizza nationally to 'stretch the brand' to afternoon, night

2024-04-16 - Trudeau government wants banks to use the word 'rebate' when you get your carbon levy refund — but a source says one bank is flat out refusing

2024-04-16 - Niagara police arrest man, searching for 4 others in aggravated assault investigation in St. Catharines

2024-04-16 - Opioids responsible for one in every four deaths among young adults: study

2024-04-16 - Here's what the Liberals have promised will be in the federal budget on Tuesday

2024-04-16 - Insurance is high on frequently stolen vehicles. Here's how to reduce your premiums

2024-04-16 - A 9-year-old boy's dream of a pet octopus is a sensation as thousands follow Terrance's story online

2024-04-16 - Why is this nurse working at a Toronto insurance firm? Ontario's battle to get foreign-trained nurses into the field

2024-04-16 - Wild turkey breaks into Quebec long-term care home, a sign of 'exploding' population

2024-04-16 - What does science say about the ingredients in functional beverages?

2024-04-16 - What 10 wild foods can you forage in Ontario during the spring and summer?

2024-04-16 - Higher taxes for the wealthy? Chrystia Freeland's budget will reveal how Ottawa plans to pay for its spending spree

2024-04-15 - Canadians get their carbon rebate today. Here’s how much you can expect after the increase

2024-04-15 - Opioids responsible for one in every four deaths among young adults: study

2024-04-15 - The bank said this single mother couldn't afford her Toronto condo. She now pays nearly double in rent

2024-04-15 - New study finds Hamilton-Burlington third-least affordable region in Canada for housing

2024-04-15 - I love snooping on Toronto-area open houses. Here’s what I saw on my most recent tour

2024-04-14 - 30th annual Shipwrecks show takes over Welland high school

2024-04-14 - Feds may need alternative way to invest in affordable housing: Bittle

2024-04-14 - Mild winter leads to hot start for Niagara home sales

2024-04-14 - Niagara illusionist Alexandra Burgio appears on next episode of 'Canada's Got Talent'

2024-04-14 - Oldest living conjoined twins, Lori and George Schappell, die at 62

2024-04-14 - We listened to all the testimony at the foreign interference inquiry. This is what we learned — and the big questions that still need answering

2024-04-14 - After Jagmeet Singh raises doubts, NDP says it still supports a consumer carbon levy

2024-04-14 - 'I couldn't move': Survivor recounts harrowing moments before deadly shooting

2024-04-14 - OPP roundup: Wedding buzzkill as drunk man planning to fly south winds up behind bars

2024-04-14 - Justin Trudeau launches sweeping plan to help 'solve' Canada's housing crisis. Here's what's in it

2024-04-14 - 'Run, run, run': Chaos at a Sydney mall as 6 people stabbed to death, and the suspect fatally shot

2024-04-4 - Leave Canada? Sue automakers? Victims consider their options as auto thefts surge

2024-04-14 - DNA tests shows B.C. woman was killed by dogs, not bear: coroner's report

2024-04-14 - Niagara Falls to review housing strategy

2024-04-14 - Doug Ford's plans for a housing boom have gone bust

2024-04-14 - Justin Trudeau is doing everything he can to gain traction. Is it working?

2024-04-4 - Why is Montreal a stolen car export hub? Jurisdiction limits and size, officials say

2024-04-14 - Quebec zoo examined animal behaviour during last week's total solar eclipse

2024-04-14 - Vatican complains after French court rules in favor of nun dismissed from religious order

2024-04-14 - Trump’s rally on Biden's home turf in Pennsylvania will be the last one before his hush money trial

2024-04-14 - High winds leave thousands without electricity across Ontario

2024-04-14 - It's the first drug shown to slow Alzheimer's. Why is is it off to a slow start?

2024-04-14 - A Toronto landlord did a green reno, then raised rents. Who should be paying the bill?

2024-04-14 - This Mississauga family lost their home of 20 years when mortgage payments soared. They're just one of thousands who are now at risk

2024-04-12 - Rick Spicer of St. Catharines is a New Candidate in the next Federal election as Prime Minister

2024-04-12 - $500M hotel/condo development planned for Vineland Station

2024-04-12 - ‘Overtaxed’: Niagara resident says ‘fairer’ system needed for single seniors

2024-04-12 - 'We’re essentially being held hostage in our own neighbourhood,' say Niagara Falls residents living near shelter

2024-04-12 - ‘Utility outages may occur’: Environment Canada issues rainfall warning and weather statement due to strong winds in Niagara

2024-04-12 - $600K problem: Human feces found amid drain fly infestation below Niagara Regional Housing building

2024-04-12 - Niagara police help solve U.S. missing persons case from more than 30 years ago

2024-04-12 - Shakeup at top of Hamilton's public institutions leads to loss of two leaders at St. Joe's

2024-04-12 - Jagmeet Singh backpedals on consumer carbon levy, distances NDP from support for Justin Trudeau's policy

2024-04-12 - Bill 162 opening thousands of acres to developers

2024-04-12 - Ontario won't divulge total fines for hospital patients refusing transfers to LTC

2024-04-12 - Manhattan court must find a dozen jurors to hear first-ever criminal case against a former president

2024-04-12 - Trudeau government to loosen RRSP, mortgage rules as housing shortfall swells

2024-04-12 - Why are Indigenous people so overrepresented in Canadian prisons?

2024-04-12 - Doug Ford should stop subsidizing our hydro bills — because he's starving health care and education to pay for it

2024-04-12 - Low-income renters got a benefit. Scammers took one day to target it, BC Housing says

2024-04-12 - Scammers impersonating officers to steal from seniors: New Westminster, B.C., police

2024-04-12 - Saint John homeowner must be out of expropriated home by June 1

2024-04-12 - Before likely 'ferocious' wildfire season, fire chiefs worry about drop in volunteers

2024-04-12 - Trump assails Jewish voters who back Biden: 'Should have their head examined'

2024-04-12 - Trump tests limits of gag order with post insulting 2 likely witnesses in criminal trial

2024-04-12 - Toronto home prices expected to overtake Vancouver's later this year, report finds

2024-04-12 - Canada needs to build 1.3M additional homes by 2030 to close housing gap, says PBO

2024-04-11 - Niagara police seize Cadillac Escalade believed to be involved in fatal hit and run on Sodom Road in Chippawa

2024-04-11 - Development Squad considering revisions to Welland towers proposal

2024-04-11 - Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority not resisting provincial watercourse changes

2024-04-11 - Forsaken: 14 years, 140 officers and a dark secret that consumed a small Ontario town. How the Lucas Shortreed case was solved

2024-04-11 - Niagara Falls purchases Sodom Road property for industrial park

2024-04-11 - Ford government changes tune, supports NDP bill to declare an epidemic of intimate partner violence

2024-04-11 - Pressure mounts on Justin Trudeau's Liberals as NDP joins Conservatives in calling for national meeting on carbon levy

2024-04-11 - Ford government attempts to speed new housing starts with sweeping bill

2024-04-11 - 'I'm not paying it': Family furious over $400/day hospital fine for not moving to LTC

2024-04-11 - 'It was like being in a disco ball': Ontario thunder and lightning show captured in 12 amazing photos and video last night

2024-04-11 - Google searches for eye damage jump in Ontario, clinics seeing patients after eclipse

2024-04-11 - Key tax deadlines, rebate and credit changes and free clinics in Ontario you need to know before April 30

2024-04-11 - ‘Fraudsters are persistent, persuasive, and sometimes aggressive’: OPP warns of driveway paving scams

2024-04-11 - Port Colborne man, 30, arrested on weapons charges at Welland gas station

2024-04-10 - Seniors retirement complex gets green light from St. Catharines council

2024-04-10 - Niagara speed cameras poised to multiply

2024-04-10 - Monday's eclipse brings James Cameron back to Niagara Falls

2024-04-10 - Niagara police appeal to food delivery drivers for information in Epworth Circle fatal shooting investigation

2024-04-10 - Restaurant transactions increased 404% in Niagara Falls on solar eclipse day, Square finds

2024-04-10 - Niagara Health launches effort to enhance primary care

2024-04-10 - Forsaken: The crime is the coverup

2024-04-10 - Mushrooms: They’re looking a little funky these days

2024-04-10 - Niagara Region struggling to keep pace with child-care needs

2024-04-10 - 'It's misleading': Ford government ridiculed for including student and retirement units in new homes target

2024-04-10 - Oklahoma judge orders Kansas City Chiefs superfan 'ChiefsAholic' to pay $10.8M to bank teller

2024-04-10 - Dentist who let officer extract teeth from N.L. inmate granted absolute discharge

2024-04-10 - Community curbside giveaway returns to Niagara Falls

2024-04-10 - 'It's very, very strange': Key figures in Doug Ford's $8.28-billion Greenbelt land swap are still waiting for RCMP questions

2024-04-10 - ‘An embarrassment to the administration of justice’: Trudeau government blamed as Toronto child sex assault cases fall apart

2024-04-10 - Liberal government to launch $500M fund for youth mental health

2024-04-10 - Justin Trudeau's government is $14.3 billion behind in climate change spending, report says

2024-04-10 - A new version of Scrabble aims to make the word-building game more accessible

2024-04-10 - Here's how you can celebrate Day of Pink on Wednesday

2024-04-10 - Major Tide and Gain laundry products recall triggers Health Canada warning to shoppers

2024-04-10 - Thinking about pursuing a position with the Ontario Provincial Police? Upcoming OPP career expo in Orillia will provide information about how to become a police officer and other jobs

2024-04-10 - 'This doesn’t solve Doug Ford’s federal problem': Highway 413 future unclear despite removal of roadblocks

2024-04-10 - Woman falls from burning building

2024-04-10 - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to testify at foreign interference inquiry

2024-04-10 - Mexican authorities stop water extraction from reservoir that's home to upscale lakeside community

2024-04-10 - Be mindful of what you post on social media after a layoff, experts say

2024-04-10 - Some states are seeking to restrict TikTok. That doesn't mean their governors aren't using it

2024-04-10 - Ontario looks at counting student residences toward aim of building 1.5 million homes

2024-04-09 - Eclipse in Niagara Falls: Like a celestial Woodstock gathered at the brink

2024-04-09 - Robin Hood or criminal? Niagara Region's automated speed cameras vandalized again

2024-04-09 - St. Catharines has extra $4.1 million after settlement of tax appeal with GM

2024-04-09 - 'Unprecedented' number of Niagara residents using food banks: Brock University brief

2024-04-09 - Niagara Falls man habitually impaired behind the wheel banned from driving for 10 years

2024-04-09 - Not a million visitors, but crowds still flock to Niagara Falls to watch rare total solar eclipse

2024-04-09 - Solar eclipse as the day unfolded: The totality turns Niagara's afternoon sky to darkness

2024-04-09 - ‘North America’s Galapagos’ is home to wildlife species you won’t see anywhere else in the world

2024-04-09 - Old elevators are foiling a plan to renovate a historic Toronto building — and leaving 6,000 people in limbo

2024-04-09 - Canada needs more soldiers. Here's how it plans to recruit them

2024-04-09 - Man convicted in London, Ont., attack on Muslim family plans to appeal: lawyer

2024-04-09 - Doug Ford bristles at questions about $100,000 salaries in his office

2024-04-09 - Winner in Portland: What AP knows about the $1.3 billion Powerball jackpot so far

2024-04-09 - Possibility of Tuesday thunderstorms will be followed by ‘a major system’ later in the week for southern Ontario — but it will be warm

2024-04-09 - Alberta distillery to stop making 4-litre vodka jugs after minister raises concern

2024-04-09 - Watchdog flagged intelligence about Chinese-state meddling — but didn't issue warning

2024-04-09 - Justin Trudeau's government is $15 billion behind in climate change spending, report says

2024-04-09 - Deportation hearing set for truck driver in deadly Saskatchewan hockey team bus crash

2024-04-09 - Staff from PM’s office to testify at foreign interference inquiry

2024-04-09 - Transgender Catholics say new Vatican document shows no understanding of their lives

2024-04-09 - Russians stage a rare protest after a dam bursts and homes flood near the Kazakh border

2024-04-09 - New York appeals judge rejects Donald Trump’s request to delay his April 15 hush money trial

2024-04-09 - Pakistan deploys more than 100,000 police and paramilitary forces ahead of Eid al-Fitr

2024-04-09 - Montreal home sales up in March as prices rise across all housing types

2024-04-08 - A far-right movement claims the eclipse is a sign of the end of days. Why these seemingly fringe beliefs are more ominous than you think

2024-04-08 - Two arrests made in case of St. Catharines man found dead in house last month

2024-04-08 - ‘More than ready’: Niagara officials set to welcome record crowds for eclipse

2024-04-08 - The Devil Comet' and planets may be visible during Monday's eclipse

2024-04-08 - Police charge man with sexual assault in a Niagara Falls store

2024-04-08 - What time and where will solar eclipse totality last longest in Niagara and Hamilton?

2024-04-08 - Canadian astronaut excited to be in Niagara to see total solar eclipse for the first time

2024-04-08 - Nova Scotia town seeking novel approach to dealing with unruly university students

2024-04-08 - The solar eclipse is said to have astrological significance. We asked an astrologer how it could affect each sign

2024-04-08 - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announces billions to build Canada's AI capacity

2024-04-08 - A battle for hope: the brewing campaign clash between the Conservatives and the NDP

2024-04-08 - What is a fourplex, the building in the middle of a Jusin Trudeau-Doug Ford housing fight?

2024-04-08 - What kids can learn from a relative with dementia

2024-04-08 - ‘A lot of uncertainty’ remains in Niagara forecast for solar eclipse day, Environment Canada says

2024-04-08 - SOLAR ECLIPSE DAY: What’s the 3 p.m. forecast in Niagara Falls, Fort Erie, St. Catharines and elsewhere in Niagara region?

2024-04-08 - Justin Trudeau is getting impatient, and it shows

2024-04-08 - From anarchist to defender of democracy: How Taiwan's digital minister debunked and beat the bots

2024-04-08 - 'Extremely stressful for Canadians': Housing affordability unlikely to improve anytime soon, RBC says

2024-04-07 - The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper, the world’s first paranormal / parapsychology newspaper now in it’s 35th year of publishing is now available with the compliments of the publisher at

2024-03-07 - 'The Devil Comet' and planets may be visible during Monday's eclipse

2024-04-07 - The world's oldest man says the secret to his longevity is luck, plus regular fish and chips

2024-04-07 - Small town businesses embrace total solar eclipse crowd, come rain or shine on Monday

2024-04-07 - What’s closed on solar eclipse day in Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Welland, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Fort Erie, Port Colborne and elsewhere in Niagara region

2024-04-07 - Canada's spy agency recalled intelligence about suspected Chinese-state interference, inquiry documents reveal

2024-04-07 - Dutch police have detained activist Greta Thunberg at a climate demonstration in The Hague

2024-04-07 - CTV cancelling most noon and weekend newscasts as Bell cuts 4,800 jobs. Here's what shows are coming to an end

2024-04-06 - Dozens of preconstruction homebuyers in limbo as Ontario homebuilder goes into receivership

2024-04-06 - Niagara Regional Native Centre calls for investigation of police handing of Cronkwright death

2024-04-06 - Garden City Skyway twinning now targeted for 2026 as province issues RFPs

2024-04-06 - Woman charged with attempted murder in St. Catharines

2024-04-06 - Niagara's spring real estate market heating up early

2024-04-06 - Will eclipse yield signs of extraterrestrial intelligence? SETI Institute participating in Brock University watch event

2024-04-06 - 1979 partial eclipse inspires Ontario boy to pursue career in science and education

2024-04-06 - Eclipse-a-palooza: Eight of the more unusual eclipse-related events in Niagara and beyond

2024-04-06 - Check out solar eclipse road closures in Niagara Falls and Fort Erie

2024-04-06 - Organizers hope concert relieves Niagara Falls gridlock after Monday's eclipse

2024-04-06 - Police charge man with sexual assault in a Niagara Falls store

2024-04-06 - Meridian Community Centre transformer fire cancels Kinsmen's home and garden show

2024-04-06 - Toronto real estate website lists Niagara Street proposal as coming soon to Welland

2024-04-06 - Dollarama customers have until today to register for a class action settlement. What Canadians should know

2024-04-06 - Charges laid in peanut butter assault at Hamilton high school

2024-04-06 - Autopsy confirms boy attacked by dogs in Edmonton home died from bite

2024-04-06 - Receipt scanners at Loblaws sparked a huge backlash. But police say retail crime rings are real — and worse than you think

2024-04-06 - “We’re not sure how it’s going to turn out” — University of Waterloo recruiting international students under the new rules

2024-04-06 - Canada's spy agency recalled intelligence about suspected Chinese-state interference, inquiry documents reveal

2024-04-06 - Eclipse mania will mean busy highways and transit in southern Ontario. Here's what travellers are advised to do

2024-04-06 - Immigration minister reveals Ontario's drop in incoming international students

2024-04-06 - How to photograph the total solar eclipse and tips on how to use your phone to shoot it

2024-04-06 - Chrystia Freeland is at the centre of a political storm. The course she charts out of it could save her Liberal government — or make matters even worse

2024-04-06 - As merger talks swirl, Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit plans for an uncertain future

2024-04-06 - Patti Starr, who was at the centre of one of Ontario's biggest political scandals, dies

2024-04-06 - Ontario Land Tribunal dismisses Ancaster developers' appeal over eight-storey Wilson Street condo

2024-04-06 - Very good reputation globally': Celebrating the Canadian Armed Forces' 100 years in the sky

2024-04-06 - Is Niagara-on-the-Lake ready for the April 8 solar eclipse?

2024-04--6 - St. Catharines man, 37, arrested in internet child luring investigation

2024-04-05 - Niagara’s history of eclipses overshadowed by bad weather

2024-04-05 - Indigenous man's family has many questions a month after his death at a dilapidated St. Catharines home

2024-05-05 - Federal funds to feed more Niagara students

2024-04-05 - Do stressful childhoods lead to allergies and asthma later in life? Brock University is looking into it

2024-04-05 - Wide range of free programs available for autistic Niagarans

2024-04-05 - Solar eclipse chasers should prepare for numerous Niagara road closures. Here's what you need to know

2024-04-05 - Depressed since pandemic, parrot at Halifax museum being shipped to Niagara

2024-04-05 - Things to do in Niagara during solar eclipse weekend (April 5-8)

2024-04-05 - LifeLabs customers may be eligible for this $10M class action settlement — if they apply by the end of the week

2024-04-05 - What’s closed on solar eclipse day in Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Welland, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Fort Erie, Port Colborne and elsewhere in Niagara region

2024-04-05 - Eligible Canadians will receive the GST/HST credit tomorrow. Here's how much you can expect

2024-04-05 - Bonnie Crombie slams Doug Ford for 'reckless' underfunding of colleges and universities

2024-04-05 - Cultural LTC admissions drying up in Ontario due to new priority rules

2024-04-05 - Ontario commits $1.3B to build or expand 60 schools

2024-04-05 - Man accused in Dominica killings of Canadian millionaire Daniel Langlois and his partner breaks silence from jail

2024-04-05 - This Los Angeles heist sounds like it came from a thriller novel. Thieves stole $30 million in cash

2024-04-05 - Supreme Court won't hear Ticketmaster, Live Nation 'ticket bot' appeal

2024-04-05 - Ethics watchdog clears Doug Ford's chief of staff after he 'overlooked' Greenbelt email

2024-04-05 - Drivers are more likely to be asked for a breath sample as Ontario deals with increases to impaired driving-related charges and collisions

2024-04-05 - Peace Bridge lit up in spectrum of colours for World Autism Day

2024-04-05 - Niagara Falls woman’s ‘random ticket selection’ at Montrose Variety results in lottery win

2024-04-05 - Three NDP MPs say they won't seek re-election — creating openings for Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives

2024-04-05 - Lamborghini 'joyride' by 13-year-old ends in total write off: West Vancouver police

2024-04-05 - Chasing clear weather, eclipse watchers to converge on Quebec's Eastern Townships

2024-04-05 - Which Canadian cities are best to watch the total solar eclipse? Here's what your city will see

2024-04-05 - Home prices could reach peak levels by next year, set new highs in 2026: CMHC report

2024-04-05 - Joe Flaherty was the 'only guy' who could get Eugene Levy to break character

2024-04-05 - Luxury home sales surge by up to 50% as buyers migrate away from high-priced Ontario market

2024-04-02 - Solar eclipse plan: With up to 1 million people expected to converge on Niagara, COWs are on the way

2024-04-02 - Six-figure salaries: Doctors top Niagara's 2023 Sunshine List

2024-04-02 - Niagara Falls to be turned off for eclipse: April Fool's Day joke a 'quintessential Niagara Falls prank,' mayor says

2024-04-02 - ‘Power outages will be possible’: Niagara expected to see strong winds, rain and possibly wet snow Tuesday to Thursday

2024-04-02 - Ontario may see non-tech teachers in new mandatory tech ed classes

2024-04-02 - Doug Ford and Doug Downey refuse to meet with Ontario legal groups over ‘like-minded judges’

2024-04-01 - This church is housing asylum seekers on the Greenbelt. The region wants them to stop — is there anywhere else to go?

2024-04-02 - Eight people injured in collision between a horse and buggy and minivan in Dufferin county

2024-04-03 - Invaders from underground are coming in cicada-geddon. It's the biggest bug emergence in centuries

2024-04-02 - Can you spot the April Fools' Day pranks? Jokes from Netflix, Canada's Wonderland, Metro, Shoppers Drug Mart, Lay's and more

2024-04-02 - Can Canadians play the U.S. Powerball lottery? Monday’s draw is an estimated $1.26 billion jackpot

2024-04-02 - Pet care costs have skyrocketed. Here's how smart pet owners are spending less

2024-04-02 - Justin Trudeau announces national school food program amid rising grocery prices

2024-04-02 - Ontario is in the midst of a drug crisis. These 7 charts tell us who’s being hit hardest

2024-04-02 - Solar eclipse not expected to impact southern Ontario gas prices, but the next few weeks will, says Dan McTeague

2024-04-02 - Hamilton man, woman arrested in Grimsby, Lincoln break and enter investigation

2024-04-02 - 'Night and day': The coming solar eclipse will look very different in Toronto than it will from Niagara. Here's why

2024-04-02 - 'It just needs to stop': Carbon price protesters slow traffic on Trans-Canada Highway

2024-04-02 - How does carbon tax on home heating affect apartments

2024-04-02 - Motorists creep along 1 lane after part of California's iconic Highway 1 collapses

2024-04-02 - Polygamous sect leader pleads guilty in scheme to orchestrate sexual acts involving children

2024-04-02 - College will cost up to $95,000 this fall. Schools say it's OK, financial aid can numb sticker shock

2024-04-02 - Pope exposes confidential details of past conclaves and settles scores with Pope Benedict XVI's aide

2024-04-02 - Towns on solar eclipse's path of totality brace for a crush of visitors

2024-02-04 - Barbara Rush, actor who co-starred with Frank Sinatra and Paul Newman among others, dies at 97

2024-04-02 - How Toronto housing developers are building a new spin on the 'company town' in Prince Edward County

2024-04-01 - 'Gentlemen, start your eggs!': Thousands come to Thorold Easter egg hunt

2024-04-01 - Regional councillors asking staff for report on graphic images bylaw

2024-04-01 - Niagara police investigating fire and fatality in St. Catharines

2024-04-01 - Suspended driver nabbed during Thorold R.I.D.E. checks

2024-04-01 - Stampeders roll on without Ronnie King for 'poignant' tour, which includes Niagara stop

2024-04-01 - Woman sexually assaulted outside Niagara Falls apartment building: police

2024-04-01 - Carbon pricing 101: What today's increase could mean for you

2024-04-01 - Toronto police didn’t investigate. 38 hours later, they found this woman dead in a room with her alleged killer

2024-04-01 024-04-01 - Tori Spelling files for divorce from Dean McDermott after 18 years of marriage

2024-04-01 - Vermont police warn drivers returning from Montreal to check for hidden GPS devices

2024-04-01 - How Toronto housing developers are building a new spin on the 'company town' in Prince Edward County

2024-04-01 - Ukrainians with Canadian visas face agonizing decisions about the future

2024-04-01 - New study says fireworks have small effect on air quality, but doctors not impressed

2024-04-01 - As Baltimore bridge collapse shows, infrastructure is important. So why do we never spend on it?

2024-04-01 - Gmail revolutionized email 20 years ago. People thought it was Google's April Fool's Day joke

2024-04-01 - Young children are facing an epidemic of vision loss, experts say. What's behind the surge in myopia?

2024-04-01 - Is Doug Ford one — and how about Pierre Poilievre? What does it even mean to be a conservative in Canada these days?

2024-04-01 - Ontario is in the midst of a drug crisis. These 7 charts tell us who’s being hit hardest

2024-04-01 - Dog named 'Hero' kept stuck owner warm and safe from coyotes for 2 days: police

2024-04-01 - Carbon pricing 101: What today's increase could mean for you

2024-04-01 - 'Cancer lives with me now' Eskasoni woman who was given 18 months to live is beating the odds

2024-03-30 - Son of dead St. Catharines couple charged with first-degree murder

2024-03-30 - 80 years later: The St. Catharines connection to the Great Escape

2024-03-30 - Niagara contractor convicted of fraud to be sentenced in June

2024-03-30 - Niagara Sexual Assault Centre facing ‘urgent need’ for services, with five-month wait-list

2024-03-30 - More officers needed to investigate Niagara hate crimes, say police

2024-03-30 - Niagara Region has declared a state of emergency ahead of the solar eclipse

2024-0330 - Murder of a Mob boss: 'We’re going to move mountains together'

2024-03-30 - Calmer, cooler Easter egg hunt at Firemen's Park

2024-03-30 - More than $100 million spent by feds to house asylum seekers in Niagara Falls: report

2024-03-30 - For years she thought her son had died of an overdose. The police video changed all that

2024-03-30 - Design for St. Catharines park by Fairview Mall has 'a little bit of everything'

2024-03-30 - Loose lips about settlement expensive

2024-03-30 - Ontario banned pit bulls in 2005. Here’s why you're still seeing them

2024-03-30 - Toronto judge blasted for tossing multimillion-dollar lawsuits without explanation

2024-03-20 - 'We won't forget': How Muslims view Pierre Poilievre's stance on Israel-Hamas war

2024-03-30 - ‘Open banking’ may soon be in Canada. Here’s what it means — and how it would save you money

2024-03-30 - Developers go around Waterloo city hall, sending 40 towers to tribunal for approval

2024-03-30 - Parkland puts 157 convenience store and fuel station locations up for sale

2024-03-30 - Bouncing back from COVID: Majority of Canadian small businesses say they are optimistic about the future

2024-03-30 - 'Nonsense': Doug Ford tells Ontario school boards to 'focus on the kids' — not sue Snapchat, TikTok or Meta

2024-03-20 - Doug Ford's housing plan is unravelling — and he is the reason why

2024-03-30 - Fluid in eye cells can 'boil' if you watch the eclipse without protection: expert

2024-03-30 - Endangered North Atlantic right whales lose three of 19 calves this season

2024-03-30 - The Moscow concert massacre was a major security blunder. What's behind that failure?

2024-04-30 - Ontario home construction levels up, but still far off pace for 1.5M target

2024-03-28 - Ontario school boards sue Snapchat, TikTok and Meta for $4.5 billion, alleging they're deliberately hurting students

2024-03-28 - It's a bittersweet Easter for chocolate lovers and African cocoa farmers but big brands see profits

2024-03-28 - Ontario spending $310K on new 'communications centre'; critics say will limit access

2024-03-28 - CRA fires 232 people for falsely claiming $2,000 monthly pandemic benefit

2024-03-28 - More than $100 million spent by feds to house asylum seekers in Niagara Falls: report

2024-03-28 - Niagara Region has declared a state of emergency ahead of the solar eclipse

2024-03-28 - More officers needed to investigate Niagara hate crimes, say police

2024-03-28 - Replica Sig Sauer pistol and hatchet allegedly found on man during disturbance in Niagara Falls

2024-03-28 - Rooms booked almost a year in advance of eclipse abruptly cancelled by Niagara Falls hotel, Toronto family says

2024-03-28 - What's open and closed in Niagara over Easter long weekend

2024-03-28 - Donald Trump assails judge and his daughter after gag order in New York hush-money criminal case

2024-03-28 - Ford government set to give almost all international student spots to public colleges and universities

2024-03-28 - Tenants' rent should count toward their credit score, the federal government says — but it won't force the move

2028-03-28 - Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland are on a mission. Here's what's behind it

2024-03-28 - Ontario's Sunshine List of $100,000-plus earners tops 300,000 for first time

2024-03-28 - Business leaders say housing biggest risk to economy: KPMG survey

2024-03-27 - Slow down: St. Catharines installing 1,300 40-km/h signs across city

2024-03-27 - 13 arrested in RCMP raids targeting 'suspected Montreal criminal organization'

2024-03-27 - Municipalities must prepare for Niagara Health's big change in 2028, says its CEO

2024-03-27 - Niagara Falls man jailed after giving sex toys to girl, 14, and convincing her to send him nude photos

2024-03-27 - Worker rescued following fall at Port Weller Dry Docks in St. Catharines

2024-03-27 - Drunk driver who hit cyclist and weeks later crashed through a Pelham home gets 4-year jail sentence

2024-03-27 - 'Enough is enough' says animal welfare group; 2 more beluga whales die at Marineland

2024-03-27 - A ship collapsed a bridge in Maryland. How safe is the St. Lawrence Seaway and Welland Canal?

2024-03-27 - What's open and closed in Niagara over Easter long weekend

2024-03-27 - Best eclipse viewing sites across Niagara

2024-03-27 - Niagara Falls sightseeing boat tours unique experience to view eclipse

2024-03-27 - Eight highlights from the Ontario budget — and two things all drivers will want to know

2024-03-27 - Hamilton police want to fire cop captured on video stomping on man's head

2024-03-27 - Astronaut Chris Hadfield thanks Hamilton hospital staff for father's life-saving care

2024-03-27 - 'It just keeps multiplying and multiplying': Inquest examining four overdose deaths at Lindsay superjail

2024-03-27 - The cost of dying in Canada is skyrocketing. Why funeral providers say Ottawa needs to step up

2024-03-27 - Trump slow to invest in states that could decide election as some in GOP fear 'skeleton' campaign

2024-03-27 - Ford government's budget shortfall soars to $9.8 billion as tax revenues plunge

2024-03-27 - Canadian bridges are safe, officials say after U.S. bridge rammed by ship, collapses

2024-03-27 - Mounties in Richmond, B.C., warn of romance-investment scams costing some over $16M

2024-03-27 - Ford government announces cuts to some mandatory auto insurance coverage — and offers millions for new police helicopters

2024-03-27 - Business leaders say housing biggest risk to economy: KPMG survey

2024-03-27 - A secret Toronto lab is getting an $85M upgrade. Here's how it could help prevent the next pandemic

2024-03-27 - Police, Canada's sport watchdog not investigating Raptors centre over gambling

2024-03-26 - Deaths leave neighbours shocked in St. Catharines

2024-03-26 - Parkland seniors retirement complex proposed for west St. Catharines

2024-03-26 - Plans for Welland hospital include emergency care: Guerriero

2024-03-26 - Thorold Stone Road open following collision

2024-03-26 - Ladder used to steal $10K worth of cable from Welland telephone pole: Niagara police

2024-03-26 - Welland fair has 3-5 years left at current site; ag society will seek new home

2024-03-26 - GO Transit to run extra trains from Union Station to Niagara Falls for solar eclipse

2024-03-26 - Marineland denies claims of layoffs, closure

2024-03-26 - Man, 22, suffers life-threatening injuries in assault in St. Catharines, Niagara police say

2024-03-26 - Russian massacre suspects' homeland is plagued by poverty and religious strife

2024-03-26 - Enbridge cuts off rebate, leaving some homeowners on the hook for thousands in green renovation costs

2024-03-26 - Immigration minister slams Conestoga College over foreign enrolment

2024-03-26 - ‘Does he have the son?’ Recordings reveal chaos, confusion as charges dropped in fatal OPP shooting of baby

2024-03-26 - Authorities searched Diddy's properties as part of a sex trafficking probe. Here's what to know

2024-03-26 - Cargo ship hits Baltimore's Key Bridge, bringing it down. Rescuers are looking for people in water

2024-03-26 - Pre-construction condo buyers forced to off-load units for as much as $150,000 less than they paid

2024-03-26 - Are your eclipse glasses kid safe? Here's how your family can prepare to watch the total solar eclipse

2024-03-26 - With completion in sight, what's next for the Trans Mountain pipeline project?

2024-03-26 - Doug Ford's Tories to deliver provincial budget today

2024-03-26 - Doug Ford criticizes Justin Trudeau's carbon levy — even as Ontario's own levy collects $146M

2024-03-26 - Doug Ford's budget will extend gas tax cut to Dec. 31

2024-04-36 - Notorious Nova Scotia crime figure B.J. Marriott designated a dangerous offender

2024-03-26 - Quebec parents file $1.6M suit after teacher allegedly puts kids' art for sale online

2024-03-26 - Timeline of the Assange legal saga as he faces further delay in bid to avoid extradition to the US

2024-03-26 - More than 130 abducted schoolchildren in Nigeria are returning home after weeks in captivity

2024-03-26 - Geomagnetic storm from a solar flare could disrupt radio communications and create a striking aurora

2024-03-26 - A list of major US bridge collapses caused by ships and barges

2024-03-25 - Surge in kidney transplants offers renewed hope for patients

2024-03-25 - Pelham residents offered free trees for Earth Day planting

2024-03-25 - Ontario hospitals, LTC homes spent nearly $1B on agency staff last year

2024-03-25 - “We can't afford not to do it” — Kitchener looks at allowing up to four units on single residential lots

2024-03-25 - Rent hike? No A/C? A tenant advocate answers 7 questions about renting in Ontario

2024-03-25 - Paul Simon, 82, is a music legend. 60 years ago, he wrote the song that would ‘irrevocably change’ his life

2024-03-25 - How the deadliest attack on Russian soil in years unfolded over the weekend

2024-03-25 - Kyiv endures a third bombardment in 5 days as Russia steps up targeting of Ukrainian cities

2024-03-25 - Wild Waterworks safety repairs draw single bid

2024-03-25 - Stranded orca dies, now there's an effort to save calf, B.C. marine group

2024-03-25 - Storms sweep the US from coast to coast causing frigid temps, power outages and traffic accidents

2024-03-25 - Thousands of faithful attend Palm Sunday celebrations in Jerusalem against a backdrop of war

2024-03-24 - New home supply in the GTA reaches levels not seen since 2016, BILD report says

2024-03-24 - Thorold South subdivision proposal includes 20-storey apartment building

2024-03-24 - Niagara-on-the-Lake councillors say tourism plan focuses too much on wine industry

2024-03-24 - Drug charges laid following 2023 overdose death of Thorold man

2024-03-24 - Smokin’ hot Welland firefighter calendar raises funds for local charities

2024-03-24 - Deaths of dog walker, 83, and resident of a remote cabin possibly tied to escaped Idaho inmate

2024-03-24 - Elon Musk's X to pay legal bills for Canadian doctor chastised over COVID-19 tweets

2024-03-24 - Pope Francis skips Palm Sunday homily at start of busy Holy Week that will test his health

2024-03-24 - What is Palm Sunday? Why is the donkey important to the story? And how is it celebrated worldwide?

2024-03-24 - Macaque imports into Canada for lab tests are surging — and so are concerns these endangered animals may be harboring dangerous pathogens

2024-03-24 - Canada's maple syrup reserve almost empty as sap season becomes another casualty of the winter that wasn't

2024-03-24 - Brian Mulroney knew something important that today's conservative politicians are ignoring

2024-03-24 - "A man of great political acumen and unmatched personal skills": What Pierre Poilievre, Jason Kenney and other Conservatives said about how Brian Mulroney influenced them

2024-03-24 - Justin Trudeau promised sanctions for 'extremist' Israeli settlers in the West Bank — but two months later, there's still no sign

2024-03-24 - 'fabric of society,' intelligence report warns

2024-03-24 - What people are saying about former prime minister Brian Mulroney at his funeral

2024-03-24 - Suspect arrested, accused of stealing mainly meat in Winnipeg grocery robberies

2024-03-24 85 years after a racist mob drove Opal Lee's family away, she's getting a new home on the same spot

2024-03-24 - Putin says gunmen who raided Moscow concert hall tried to escape to Ukraine. Kyiv denies involvement

2024-03-24 - Oath Keepers' son emerges from traumatic childhood to tell his own story in a long shot election bid

2024-03-24 - Our cost-of-living crisis: In just three years rent has doubled, groceries are up nearly 40 per cent. There are solutions ...

2024-03-24 - Joni Mitchell's music back on Spotify two years after joining Neil Young in boycott

2024-03-24 - How The One came undone: Toronto's most talked-about condo project was mismanaged, insiders say — and troubled almost right from the start

2024-03-23 - The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell on FM Stations in the U.S.?  Details soon!

2024-03-23 - Russia says 60 dead, 145 injured in concert hall raid; Islamic State group claims responsibility

2024-03-23 - Province hits Child's World daycare in St. Catharines with $160,000 rent hike

2024-03-23 - 'Beautiful' 200-year-old Niagara-on-the-Lake home selling for $3.9M

2024-03-23 - St. Catharines duo jailed for 'vicious beating' at Niagara Falls hotel

2024-03-23 - Bradley explains decision to not fly Palestinian flag at Niagara Region headquarters

2024-03-23 - Better seniors discount sought from Niagara Region Transit

2024-03-23 - Thorold Tunnel to be closed nightly for two months of construction

2024-03-23 - Hamilton pizzeria wins best cheese slice in the world

2024-03-23 - Lincoln council cost nearly $274,000 last year

2024-03-23 - Deaths of dog walker, 83, and resident of a remote cabin possibly tied to escaped Idaho inmate

2024-03-23 - Kate's diagnosis could prompt others to get tested, seek treatment: cancer society

2024-03-23 - Five normal things you're doing that could land you in the ER

2024-03-23 - Doug Ford has made 'almost no progress' on pledge to build new homes, Trudeau government charges

2024-03-23 - This Ontario town is planning to sell plots of land for $10. Thousands are already on the waiting list

2024-03-23 - Time for Ottawa to protect Canadians from 'forever chemicals,' toxics experts say

2024-03-23 - Shortage of nurses no justification for not checking credentials, says nursing association chief

2024-03-23 - April's total solar eclipse promises to be the best yet for experiments

2024-03-23 - Food waste is out, 'scrappy cooking' is in as grocery prices rise and budgets tighten

2024-03-23 - LCBO slaps suppliers with $50 million in fines, accuses them of offering cheaper prices to Quebec

2024 - 03-23 - Niagara-on-the-Lake councillors set to approve tougher anti-idling bylaw

2024-03-23 - Police looking for witness to fatal crash on Four Mile Creek Road in Niagara-on-the-Lake

2024-03-23 - In win for Doug Ford, Ottawa drops environmental assessment for Ontario's Highway 413

2024-03-23 - Liberals’ elections law reforms could yield generous pensions for dozens of MPs

2024-03-23 - 'He is smiling down': Brian Mulroney's sons touched by Canadians' tributes

2024-03-23 - A rare cosmic explosion will soon be visible from Canada. Here's how you can watch

2023-03-23 - A small town suspended its entire police force. Residents want to know why

2024-03-23 - MLB investigating gambling, theft allegations involving Shohei Ohtani and interpreter Ippei Mizuhara

2023-03-23 - These ‘lunch-break facelifts' are popular at GTA medical spas. But patients are being misled about the procedure — and potentially put at risk

2024-03-23 - Ontario putting up more cash for roads, pipes to help get more housing built

2024-03-22 - The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell picked up by US FM Stations - Developing Story

2024-03-22 - Chuck Lafleur Returns to Giant FM on April First. Congratulations Chuck!

2024-02-22 - Bridging a gap: St. Catharines studies feasibility of new Hwy. 406 crossing

2024-03-22 - Niagara-on-the-Lake library board fires CEO Cathy Simpson

2024-03-22 - Former St. Catharines Collegiate teacher jailed for sexually exploiting student

2024-03-22 - More 'pedestrian-friendly' options pondered for Queen Victoria Park area of Niagara Parkway

2024-03-22 - Fourplexes now allowed on residential lots across St. Catharines in bid for more housing

2024-03-22 - Niagara police looking for witness to fatal crash on Four Mile Creek Road in Niagara-on-the-Lake

2024-03-22 - Welland fairgrounds sold

2024-03-22 - Second person charged in connection with stabbing at Euphoria Social Lounge in Niagara Falls last summer

2024-03-22 - As much as 15 cm of snow could fall in parts of Niagara Friday

2024-03-22 - Lincoln brewery closed following Niagara public health inspection

2024-03-22 - Canada's Wonderland is retiring and removing this ride after 26 years

2024-03-22 - Legal action for not filing campaign expenses launched against St. Catharines candidate who says 'a garbage can probably could have entered the race and beat me'

2024-03-22 - Free ride on the 407? Why some — but not all — drivers are getting a toll-free break at rush hour

2024-03-22 - Superior court decision advances $200 million basic income lawsuit filed by Lindsay residents

2024-03-22 - Do the Junos still matter? We spoke to four first-time nominees about what the awards show means today

2024-03-22 - Key recommendations from the government's review of the Cannabis Act

2024-03-22 - Ontario had almost eliminated electricity emissions. Since Doug Ford came to power, gas plant use has tripled

2024-03-22 - ‘Pose a risk to Canada’s environment, economy and society’: 9 invasive species to be on the lookout for in Ontario

2024-03-22 - Scrambling after Greenbelt scandal, Doug Ford promises $1.8B to build up cities — but no fourplexes

2024-03-22 - Royal Canadian Air Force celebrating 100 years with attempt at Guinness record

2024-03-22 - The OPP doesn't have to enforce First Nations laws. Indigenous leaders say that's outrageous — and they want the Ford government to act

2024-03-22 - 'She was always laughing': Friend remembers Canadian killed in Mexico robbery

2024-03-22 - A national school food framework is on Chrystia Freeland's desk. Will Ottawa say yes?

2024-03-22 - Parents charged in drug death of three-month-old Winnipeg girl

2024-03-22 - Quebec inmate who spent 51 months on lam pleads guilty to escaping federal prison

2024-03-22 - Niagara Jazz Festival coming to Thorold this summer

20234-03-20 - Save for a sunny day: St. Catharines again wades into beach parking fee debate

2024-03-20 - Mayor calls them 'sad, pathetic individuals'; St. Catharines councillor asks peers to stand against hate in wake of drag storytime protest

2024-03-20 - Driver and passenger airlifted to out-of-region hospital following serious collision in Niagara-on-the-Lake

2024-03-20 - COVID lockdown protester who spoke at St. Catharines rally narrowly avoids jail sentence

2024-03-20 - Drug dealer attempts to 'game the system' by claiming he didn't understand English: Niagara judge

2024-03-20 - Want to look at the solar eclipse? Think again. Niagara doctor warns of permanent vision loss

2024-03-20 - Seven of the 10 most bed bug infested cities in Canada are in Ontario: Orkin Canada

2024-03-20 - Halton police arrest alleged Niagara Falls bank robber

2024-03-20 - Niagara Aerospace Museum in Niagara Falls, N.Y., named a NASA sunspot site for solar eclipse

2024-03-20 - A teen weighing 70 pounds turned up at a hospital badly injured. Four family members are charged

2024-03-20 - This common trait could be an early warning sign of dementia, Toronto researchers discover

2024-03-20 - Doug Ford's government says it has a plan to fight teacher shortages. Here's why the teachers' unions want it blocked

2024-03-20 - Canada spending $40M to help Czechs send ammunition to Ukraine front lines

2024-03-20 - Roy McMurtry, former Ontario attorney general who helped legalize same-sex marriage, dead at 91

2024-03-20 - $1-billion renovation at Queen's Park — which might include underground parking — will likely be delayed

2024-03-20 - Freed man sues Hamilton police for $13.5 million after nearly eight years in prison

2024-03-20 - Wrong-way driver caught on Burlington Skyway: OPP

2024-03-20 - Halton police arrest alleged Niagara Falls bank robber

2024-03-20 - Driver and passenger airlifted to out-of-region hospital following serious collision in Niagara-on-the-Lake

2024-03-20 - Cocaine seized from container on ship docked at Halifax container terminal

2024-03-20 - Ohio mom who left toddler alone 10 days when she went on vacation pleads guilty to aggravated murder

2024-03-20 - Man pleads guilty to murder in Hawaii after killing lover and encasing his body in tub

2024-03-20 - Trump's lawyers say it is impossible for him to post bond covering $454 million civil fraud judgment

2024-03-20 - The first outside legal analyses of Vatican's 'trial of the century' are in, and they're critical

2024-03-20 - 'Age is just a number and I'll go as long as I can': Carol Burnett, 90, on her role in Apple TV's Palm Royale

2024-03-20 - Homebuyers are returning to Ontario cottage country, with prices set to jump

2024-03-19 - 'You’re going to wait for an ambulance,' CUPE warns Niagara residents

2024-03-19 - Spring is set to arrive Tuesday with one of the coldest stretches of the winter months in store for Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara area

2024-03-19 - Carfentanil, Smith and Wesson revolver, ammo found in stolen car in Niagara Falls, police say

2024-03-19 - Court grants magic mushroom dispensary employee a discharge

2024-03-19 - Current GO train service 'doesn't meet our needs': Gates

2024-03-19 - Wainfleet, Port Colborne to temporarily share fire chief, deputy

2024-03-19 - ‘It’s a safety-first approach’: Confusion over planned Fort Erie eclipse closures

2024-03-19 - Pierre Poilievre will undo some of Justin Trudeau's legacy if he becomes prime minister. Here's what he'd target

2024-03-19 - One car was stolen every 40 minutes in Toronto last year, police chief says

2024-03-19 - Could your health data be stored on U.S. servers? Lawsuit tests Ontario's privacy safeguards

2024-03-19 - Transgender people bear brunt of misinformation about gender identity, experts say

2024-03-16 - How does the Ontario government decide what cities get what size cheque for meeting housing targets? What you need to know

2024-03-16 - Niagara-on-the-Lake chief librarian under fire for column supporting controversial U.S. group

2024-03-16 - Region trying to 'move the needle' at Queen's Park with Niagara Week

2024-03-16 - Going up: Condo project slated for North Service Road in Grimsby

2024-03-16 - An old time hack: Vandalism cuts municipal phone lines to Welland and Wainfleet

2024-03-16 - Ninth person charged with second-degree murder in Niagara Detention Centre death

2024-03-16 - 'It's bittersweet': Video rental store to shut its doors after 40 years in business

2024-03-16 - Employment advice: Truck driver awarded damages after colleagues misgender, deadname

2024-03-16 - Injunction order gives city extra tool to crackdown on unsanctioned St. Pat's parties

2024-03-16 - 'No particular malice on her part': Fentanyl addiction behind woman defecating in Peterborough stranger's home

2024-03-16 - Russell Wilson, founding member of Hamilton band Junkhouse, dies at 62

2024-03-16 - TikTok creators warn of economic impact if app sees ban, call it a vital space for the marginalized

2024-03-16 - From 4-leaf clovers to some unexpected history, all you need to know about St. Patrick's Day

2024-03-16 - Former Vice President Mike Pence says he's not endorsing Trump

2024-03-16 - Day 2 of an election preordained to extend President Vladimir Putin's rule

2024-03-16 - Joe Biden wants to raise corporate taxes and Justin Trudeau should do the same, NDP urges

2024-03-16 - Authorities seize ailing alligator kept illegally in New York home's swimming pool

2024-03-16 - Woman's 'illegal buying spree' armed killer of 3 Minnesota first responders, prosecutor says

2024-03-16 - India's navy intercepts a bulk carrier hijacked by Somali pirates

2024-03-16 - The 'Rob Ford episode' of 'Law & Order Toronto' is wild. But not as wild as the reality I witnessed

2024-03-16 - What will Toronto's spring housing market look like? Experts say first-time buyers are back — and prices could jump 6% this year

2024-03-15 - Was search for missing St. Catharines man affected by his Indigenous identity? Family and friends say yes

2024-03-15 - New buyers sought for former St. Catharines General Hospital site

2024-03-15 - Court dismisses appeal against disgraced Niagara law clerk convicted of fraud

2024-03-15 - St. Catharines man, 26, charged with sexual assault of a minor

2024-03-15 - They jumped from a moving freight train: Four people attempt illegal entry to U.S. from Fort Erie

2024-03-15 - Developer proposing 25-storey towers keeps Welland residents wondering

2024-03-15 - Municipal data a click away from being stolen, cybersecurity expert says

2024-03-15 - Going up: Condo project slated for North Service Road in Grimsby

2024-03-15 - Eight-storey condo proposed beside Port Colborne’s Lock 8 Gateway Park

2024-03-15 - Police raid pot shops in Welland, Thorold and Fort Erie: OPP

2024-03-15 - St. Catharines food vendor and Niagara Falls restaurant closed after health inspections

2024-03-15 - 'Plan in advance': Eclipse glasses are hot sellers ahead of rare celestial event

2024-03-15 - Buckets for toilets: St. Catharines house where missing man found dead had been cited for numerous property violations

2024-03-15 - Cold snap coming to Toronto, Hamilton and rest of Golden Horseshoe but won’t set in until after March break is over

2024-03-15 - Dollar Tree says it will leave Canadian stores alone as it looks to shutter 1,000 stores in the U.S.

2024-03-15 - Getting an education lowers a prisoner’s likelihood of reoffending. So why does Canada make it nearly impossible for inmates to take online courses?

2024-03-15 - ‘Detectives observed the suspect attempt to commit another break and enter,’ Niagara police say of arrest in Thorold investigation

2024-03-15 - Canada's new animal slaughter rules violate Charter rights of Canadian Jews, lawsuit alleges

2024-03-15 - Musk abruptly cancels 'The Don Lemon Show' on X after he sits for the program's first interview

2024-03-15 - A Toronto bungalow was bought and razed. Now the empty lot is for sale — for more

2024-03-11 - Rob McConnell, Popular Canadian Broadcaster and Radio Personality - "I Am NOT Dead."

2024-03-11 - Dramatic discovery of body in St. Catharines house by civilians seeking missing man

2024-03-11 - Small group of screaming protesters barge into Drag Queen Storytime at St. Catharines library

2024-03-11 - Two-vehicle crash in Welland sends four people to hospital

2024-03-11 - Metrolinx set to announce large GO Transit service expansion, will add 308 new weekly rail trips in late April

2024-03-11 - Shooting in Flamborough sends two young women to hospital and causes day-long closure of Highway 6

2024-03-11 - City of Hamilton website back online after 'precautionary' changes due to cyberattack caused Sunday outage

2024-03-11 - ‘Use caution’: Man, woman shot in Crystal Beach area of Fort Erie Monday morning

2024-03-11 - Pierre Poilievre's 'Axe the Tax' rally draws thousands of supporters to Toronto Congress Centre

2024-03-11 - A plan to add one million permanent residents to Canada in a single year was among ideas floated behind the scenes, government docs show

2024-03-11 - Interactive: Bigger share of GTA suburban homes are tipping into the $1 million-plus range, as another price point disappears

2024-03-11 - Better than expected February in Niagara real estate market

2024-03-10 - Shaw Festival slammed with $5.7 million deficit after troubled 2023 season

2024-03-10 - Canadian government injects $15M into Niagara clean energy projects in Thorold, Port Colborne

2024-03-10 - Under pressure: Future is now, says Niagara Health's leader

2024-03-10 - Niagara Region directed to review flag-raising policy after Gaza ceasefire motion fiasco

2024-03-10 - A Niagara example: Youth homelessness agency offers a model of success for others

2024-03-10 - 'Daylight saving time confuses me:' Canadians prepare to adjust clocks

2024-03-10 - Niagara Falls makeup artist up for two Canadian Screen Awards

2-24-03-10 - Dramatic discovery of body in St. Catharines house by civilians seeking missing man

2024-03-10 - 'We were sold a big lie': Hamilton tells Ancaster resort residents their tiny homes are illegal

2024-03-10 - Family friend who died in Ottawa killings was a recent arrival with wife and children in Sri Lanka

2024-03-10 - 'He's a liar and a hate-monger': Former prime minister Kim Campbell slams Pierre Poilievre

2024-03-10 - Email reveals that Ottawa told Canada's top soldier not to call budget changes 'cuts'

2024-03-10 - Claims against Waterloo mortgage fraudster now up to $147M

2024-03 -10 - Should municipalities be able to compel builders to use land?

2023-10-03 - ‘Awful lot of baggage.’ Scouts Canada CEO looks to lead century-old institution out of the woods

2024-10-03 - Killer George Lovie granted full parole

2024-03-10 - ‘We’re going through growing pains’: At 50, Mississauga wrestles with whether it should be a city or a suburb

2024-03-08 - Niagara Region directed to review flag-raising policy after Gaza ceasefire motion fiasco

2024-02-08 - Marineland guilty of charges for keeping 3 bears in cramped quarters

2024-03-08 - Man who worked at St. Catharines magic mushroom dispensary does not deserve criminal record: lawyer

2024-03-08 - Second fire this year at vacant downtown Niagara Falls building

2024-03-08 - Man pleads guilty to smuggling shisha over Niagara border with cargo of yogurt

2024-03-08 - Measles vaccinations fall short of Niagara's target, as cases rise in Canada

2024-03-08 - Possibility of ‘significant’ rainfall triggers Environment Canada special weather statement for Niagara

2024-03-08 - Her migraines turned out to be a tumour, but she waited a year for an MRI to find out

2024-03-08 - SUV going wrong way on QEW crashed on Red Hill Valley ramp

2024-03-08 - Alleged multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme has ties to Halton police officers, former St. Catharines mayor

2024-03-08 - 'Devastating loss': Man who died in Nashville plane crash along with family was generous and soft-spoken

2024-03-08 - Judge will hear conspiracy argument in trial of Freedom Convoy organizers

2024-03-08 - Is bagged milk reaching its expiration date? What you need to know about 'apocalypse cow,' according to experts

2024-03-08 - How to avoid paying the pink tax on clothes, toys and other everyday items

2024-03-08 - Weight-loss drugs like Wegovy are meant for long-term use. Some patients want to stop

2024-03-08 - 3 escaped inmates from Grenada charged with murder after U.S. sailing couple vanishes

2024-03-08 - Victims of Ottawa mass stabbing threw birthday party for alleged killer just days ago

2024-03-08 - 'People were running everywhere': 19-year-old dead after brazen daytime shooting in downtown Hamilton

2024-03-08 - $400M development proposed for Beamsville

2024-03-08 - Niagara Falls man arrested after more than $400,000 in stolen vehicles recovered

2024-03-08 - SIU clears Niagara officer for arrest of Aurora homicide suspect

2024-03-08 - Cost of Doug Ford's failed wage restraint legislation tops $4B

2024-03-08 - Make RCMP police of jurisdiction for Parliament Hill, union urges

2024-03-08 - Better than expected February in Niagara real estate market

2024-03-05 - Port Dalhousie pedestrian mall gets thumbs down from city council

2024-03-05 - Red-light camera enforcement beginning in Niagara

2024-03-05 - Seaway Mall highrises nearing start of construction phase

2024-03-05 - Niagara Falls, Welland break temperature records: spring is in the air in Niagara

2024-03-05 - St. Catharines man, 28, faces child pornography charges

2024-03-05 - $500,000 budget won't go far in most Ontario real estate markets

2024-03-05 - Hamilton grappling with 'ransomware attack'

2024-03-05 - How vulnerable is Ontario to measles outbreaks? A rise in cases is about to collide with a falling vaccination rate

2024-03-05 - 'Anything we ask for — they (staff) go above and beyond': 47 people are living in modular cabins in Peterborough's Rehill lot

2024-03-05 - Numerous music stores have shuttered over the years in Hamilton, and Mountain Music will soon join them

2024-03-03 - Spring in the Niagara air as above-seasonal temperatures forecast

2024-03-03 - Provincial funding gap plagues Niagara Region Public Health

2024-03-03 - St. Catharines hoping to sow interest in community gardens

2024-03-03 - Hornblower cruises into bankruptcy protection

2024-03-03 - School vaccination suspensions put on hold due to cyberattack at Hamilton City Hall

2024-03-03 - Still working from home? The tax rules for 2023 have changed. Here’s how to claim your expenses

2024-03-02 - OPP roundup: Man caught driving with near-lethal amount of alcohol in blood

2024-03-03 - OPP officers who fired 17 times in Six Nations shootout cleared by SIU

2024-03-03 - Ontario's family doctors say province's 2.8% raise is 'enough for coffee and a bagel'

2024-03-03 - Newfoundland and Labrador asked to figure out cost of shutting down oil projects

2024-03-03 - LGBTQ students look ahead after Alberta town bans Pride flags, rainbow crosswalks

2024-03-03 - CK Police Blotter: Police Respond to Multiple Incidents, Make Several Arrests

2024-03-03 - CBC stars on public broadcaster's future, exec bonuses, spectre of cuts

2024-03-01 - Brian Mulroney, former prime minister who reshaped Canada, has died

2024-03-01 - Growing old at home a priority for Niagara residents: report

2024-03-01 - Six months in jail for arson: Homeless Niagara man says he lit fire to stay warm

2024-03-01 - ‘In some cases, the switch has gone undetected for weeks’: Police report increase in licence plate thefts in west Niagara

2024-03-01 - These visitors are pulling out all the stops to watch the total solar eclipse in Niagara Falls

2024-03-01 - City of Hamilton network latest causality in global cyberwar

2024-03-01 - Hamilton cyberattack: What we know and don't know

2024-03-01 - 'Mr. Mulroney never stopped working for Canadians': Former prime minister's death prompts outpouring of reflection

2024-03-01 - New Toronto bylaw forces coffee shops to accept customers' mugs — or face fines of up to $100,000

2024-03-01 - How a facial recognition error on a Waterloo vending machine led to an international debate on privacy

2024-03-01 - Port Colborne man, 63, arrested on child pornography charges

2024-03-01 - Port Colborne to create vacant property registry

2024-03-01 - Winfrey leaving WeightWatchers board, donating all of her interest in the company to a museum

2024-02-29 - Workers needed: Niagara employers worried about international student cap

2024-02-29 - Cause of Niagara-on-the-Lake outlet mall roof fire unknown

2024-02-29 - Foreign-trained health-care workers aided by Niagara pilot project in resuming careers

2024-02-29 - Niagara Falls firefighters group says merging dispatch centres with St. Catharines would result in 'massive loss of control'

2024-02-29 - Niagara police charge 5 motorists, including drivers from Toronto and New York state, with impaired operation in past week

2029-02-29 - Niagara police release images of two men in connection with credit card skimming investigation in Welland

2024-02-29 - Measles exposure alert: McMaster Children’s Hospital visitors potentially affected

2024-02-29 - Warm but 'moody' spring expected across most of Canada: Weather Network forecast

2024-02-29 - Online harms: Civil liberty, law critics say stiffer hate crime sentences 'troubling'

2024-02-29 - Larry David, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ben Stiller pay tribute to comedian Richard Lewis after death at 76

2024-02-29 - He was in the shower one day when he felt a lump in his breast

2024-02-29 - Do you want AI with that? Fast food chains go digital with dynamic pricing, bots

2024-02-29 - ‘Early morning commute could be impacted’: Environment Canada issues special weather statement for northern parts of Niagara

2024-02-29 - Police looking for missing Niagara Falls girl, 13

2024-02-29 - Ford government says solar eclipse is no excuse for teachers to work at home

2024-02-29 - Toronto Catholic teachers ask to work from home for 'safety' on day of solar eclipse

2024-02-29 - Conservatives vote in favour of Liberal government bill banning replacement workers

2024-02-29 - Third teen pleads not guilty in Lethbridge high school football sex assault case

2024-02-29 - $1B donation makes New York medical school tuition free and transforms students' lives

2024-02-29 - The London policeman who killed a 33-year-old woman should never have been employed, inquiry finds

2024-02-29 - Tarion facing 'largest claim event' in its history as builders walk away from projects — and home buyers lose deposits

2024-02-28 - Siscoe delivers optimistic state of the city address

2024-02-28 - Niagara's police chief fears hate crimes going unreported

2024-02-28 - Ottawa will shut down shady post-secondary institutions if provinces don't: Miller

2024-02-28 - NRP spending seven figures on new cruisers

2024-02-28 - Ridgeway tree culling halted to protect rare woodpecker

2024-02-28 - Prolific medical columnist Dr. W. Gifford-Jones turns 100

2024-02-28 - Undercover child luring investigation in Niagara Falls leads to arrest of 60-year-old man

2024-02-28 - More than half of Canadians think their keyless-entry fobs are fuelling the auto theft crisis

2024-02-28 - Canada says it has no plans to deploy troops to Ukraine after France floats the idea

2024-02-28 - Ontario EI recipients surge by almost one third — the highest jump seen in any province

2024-02-28 - The long-awaited Online Harms Act has been tabled. Here is what you need to know about the proposed law

2024-02-28 - 'Pillar in our community': Head of Alberta food bank killed during police chase

2024-02-28 - Burger chain Wendy's looking to test surge pricing at restaurants as early as next year

2024-02-28 - 'Complete garbage': Justin Trudeau's immigration minister dismisses Ford government claim it was in the dark about international student cap

2024-02-28 - Let’s use our Canadian superpower to battle fossil-fuel greenwashing

2024-02-28 - MOVE IT OR LOSE IT: Ontario ice fishing wrapping up with March deadlines to remove ice huts on lakes Simcoe, Scugog and Couchiching and more

2024-02-28 - Pierre Poilievre's housing plan slammed by Canada's mayors

2024-02-28 - Bomb squad called to Abbotsford, B.C., thrift store after grenade is donated

2024-02-28 - Warm but 'moody' spring expected across most of Canada: Weather Network forecast

2024-02-28 - Conservatives vote in favour of Liberal government bill banning replacement workers

2024-02-28 - Ottawa freezes merger notification threshold, funds housing innovation projects

2024-02-28 - Average rental rates in Hamilton fall again in January

2024-02-27 - Niagara Falls man who met 13-year-old girl online awaits sentencing on child pornography, sexual interference charges

2024-02-27 - Niagara ‘could come close’ to record warm temperatures Tuesday and Wednesday

2024-02-27 - What’s on at FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre in St. Catharines this March

2024-02-27 - Who’s playing at the casino in Niagara Falls this March

2024-02-27 - St. Catharines' Feb. 27 forecast: Showers

2024-02-27 - Undercover child luring investigation in Niagara Falls leads to arrest of 60-year-old man

2024-02-27 - Woman who stopped to check on police spike belt damage killed by fleeing truck

2024-02-27 - Is Toronto finally shaking off the sexual stigma of polyamory? 'People assume it's a horrible mess of jealousy and hatred'

2024-02-27 - Pierre Poilievre's housing plan slammed by Canada's mayors

2024-02-27 - More than 70 per cent of people in jails awaiting bail or trial, report says

2024-02-27 - Most Ontarians think they're good drivers, according to a new poll on road rage

2024-02-27 - Trudeau government's contentious online harms bill would regulate dangerous content on the internet

2024-02-27 - Mothers of teens who died by suicide after being targeted online urge passage of bill

2024-02-27 - Did you buy batteries, light bulbs or electronics from Dollarama? You could get a gift card worth up to $15 as part of $2.5M proposed class action lawsuit settlement over Ecofees

2024-02-27 - ‘Have to adjust’: Leap year helps keep seasons aligned with calendar, but does it mean more work?

2024-02-27 - A list of Canadian discount airlines that have left the skies since 2000

2024-02-27 - BMO reports $1.29B Q1 profit, provision for credit losses up from year ago

2024-02-27 - Nearly half of Canadians considering 'getting creative' to own a home through alternative paths

2024-02-27 - Influx of asylum seekers to Manitoba putting extra pressure on shelter system, advocates say

2024-02-27 - Toronto businessman faces new wage theft claims, still owes $290K in wages years after conviction

2024-02-27 - Trudeau signs $3-billion security deal for Ukraine on 2nd anniversary of Russian invasion

2024-02-26 - Coldest Night of the Year raises more than $159,000 in St. Catharines

2024-02-26 - St. Catharines to explore Hamilton’s ‘anti-renoviction’ bylaw

2024-02-26 - Inside St. Catharines new temporary homeless shelter

2024-02-26 - Ontario justices of the peace gear up to take Ford government to court over wage freeze

2024-02-26 - Housing crisis: Homelessness in Niagara rooted in affordability, not social issues, says advocate

2024-02-26 - Man injured in nightclub shooting — second weekend incident linked to separate downtown Hamilton businesses

2024-02-26 - When a neighbourhood mall McDonald's closes, more than food disappears

2024-02-26 - Why drought on the prairies is making your steak more expensive

2024-02-26 - Online safety a key part of Ottawa's new gender plan — and to world peace, says envoy

2024-02-26 - How Canada's military fell into crisis — and why failing to save it has deep consequences for us all

2024-02-25 - St. Catharines to explore Hamiltlon’s ‘anti-renoviction’ bylaw

2024-02-25 - Inside St. Catharines new temporary homeless shelter

2024-02-25 - "Egregious” breach of trust: Former Niagara teacher sexually exploited vulnerable student

2024-02-25 - Housing crisis: Homelessness in Niagara rooted in affordability, not social issues, says advocate

2024-02-25 - Doug Ford says colleges and universities announcement coming Monday

2024-02-25 - Ontario alters its count to show how Waterloo Region is meeting its housing goals

2024-02-25 - Cyber thieves scam hundreds of thousands of dollars from Hamilton Community Foundation

2024-02-25 - All together now? All together now! Multi-generational housing is their answer

2024-02-25 - Federal Crown office reviewing drug case after sentencing 'error' called out in Hamilton court

2024-02-23 - Alleged multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme has ties to Halton police officers, former St. Catharines mayor

2024-02-23 - Meridian Credit Union continues to offer $50,000 reward 1 year after armed robbery reported in Niagara Falls

2024-02-23 - Province invests $2.1M for nurse-led clinics in Niagara

2024-02-23 - Former Port Colborne Meals on Wheels director charged with fraud

2024-02-23 - New owner sheds light on plans for Niagara radio stations

2024-02-23 - Temporary Welland homeless shelter adds beds, but still not enough for demand

2024-02-23 - Police announce Ontario's largest gun seizure, investigation focused on GTA, Niagara and U.S.

2024-02-23 - Ohio mom who left toddler alone when she went on vacation pleads guilty to aggravated murder

2024-02-23 - Brothers resentenced to 60 years to life in 1995 slayings of parents, younger brother

2024-02-23 - In move called ‘blatant’ patronage, ex-Doug Ford staffers appointed to committee that selects Ontario judges

2024-02-23 - 'An evil so monstrous': Cadence Beauparlant sentenced to seven years for bringing gun used to kill 17-year-old

2024-02-23 - Why Canadians see the biggest grocers as the villains of food inflation

2024-02-23 - Lynx passengers face travel chaos after airline announces shutdown

2024-02-23 - Are Doug Ford's Conservatives obsessed with Bonnie Crombie?

2024-02-23 - No way out? Russia faces growing problem with deserters after two years of war in Ukraine

2024-02-23 - She found her husband dead. Then the homeless woman was given a notice to relocate. 'We have nowhere to go.'

2024-02-23 - PepsiCo hosting Canada-wide hiring day, seasonal workers in Ontario could earn up to $15,000

2024-02-23 - Ontario patients pleaded for help after 10,000 were dumped by their clinic. They say Doug Ford left them disappointed

2024-02-23 - Justin Trudeau claims eight out of 10 Canadian households get more back from rebates than they pay in carbon pricing. Is that true?

2024-02-23 - 'It's a game-changer for cats': Cure for fatal disease reaches Canada

2024-02-23 - Alberta town bans Pride flags, rainbow crosswalks after plebiscite

2024-02-23 - Ohio mom who left toddler alone when she went on vacation pleads guilty to aggravated murder

2024-02-23 - London police confirm that body recovered from river was that of chemical attack suspect Abdul Ezedi

2024-02-23 - Denver police seek help finding a former funeral home owner after body kept in hearse for 2 years

2024-02-23 - Decaying bodies and fake ashes spur Colorado to confront lax funeral home oversight

2024-02-21 - Crown appeals acquittal of Niagara COVID lockdown protester

2024-02-21 - ServiceOntario move to Staples a slap in the face to small business operators: Burch

2024-02-21 - Loblaw to build 40 new stores, create 7,500 jobs in $2-billion expansion

2024-02-21 - Niagara police, fire marshal investigating Port Colborne triplex fire that sent man to hospital

2024-02-21 - Everything you need to know about the solar eclipse in Niagara

2024-02-21 - Man on trial in killing of 5-year-old daughter said he hated her 'right to his core,' friend says

2024-02-21 - A Colorado man is dead after a pet Gila monster bite

2024-02-21 - With 'Law & Order Toronto,' the pressure looming over the show's creators is immense

2024-02-21 - Ontario documents show patient complaints over cataract billings

2024-02-21 - Ex-OPG employee arrested, facing security of information breach charge

2024-02-21 - Doug Ford refuses to apologize over wage-capping legislation, as MPPs return to Queen Park

2024-02-21 - OPP roundup: Sex in car ends badly

2024-02-21 - Cadence Beauparlant didn't pull the trigger, but brought the loaded gun used to kill 17-year-old Myah Larmond

2024-02-21 - How often should your kids be bathing? Here's what it's doing to their skin, experts say

2024-02-21 - ‘We can’t wait a month’: Belleville mayor calls out province for slow response to drug emergency

2024-02-21 - Young girl killed when a hole she dug in the sand collapsed on a Florida beach, authorities said

2024-02-21 - Man rescued from Port Colborne residential fire has died

2024-02-21 - Pierre Poilievre against transwomen in female bathrooms, changing rooms, sports

2024-02-21 - Federal government scales back carbon price rebates for small businesses

2024-02-21 - French teenager dies after dog sled crash northwest of Montreal

2024-02-21 - Man on trial in killing of 5-year-old daughter said he hated her 'right to his core,' friend says

2024-02-21 - Russia is rebuilding capacity to destabilize European countries, new UK report says

2024-02-21 - Student in Colorado campus killing was roommate of 1 of the victims, police say

2024-02-19 - Man rescued from triplex fire by Port Colborne firefighters

2024-02-19 - New off-road vehicle destroyed in Port Colborne garage fire

2024-03-29 - Brampton teen dead, St. Catharines and Welland women injured, after York region crash

2024-02-19 - Double stabbing leaves two Niagara Falls men in life-threatening condition

2024-02-19 - Niagara police searching for robbery suspect considered 'armed and dangerous'

2024-02-19 - Four cougars spotted hanging out in Deep Cove backyard

2024-02-19 - A year after Jimmy Carter's entered hospice care, advocates hope his endurance drives awareness

2024-02-19 - Ontario legislature resuming with Bill 124 repeal, politically charged omnibus bill

2024-02-19 - Toronto family who unknowingly employed war criminal fears nothing has changed

2024-02-19 - Here's what happened to overdose deaths in Toronto neighbourhoods with safe consumption sites

2024-02-19 - New Supreme Court justice proud of 'demystifying' processes at the top bench

2024-02-19 - 'Mother Canada' statue creator sues Parks Canada, seeking to revive ridiculed project

2024-02-19 - Towns torn between two realities: How the Belleville overdose crisis became a reflection of what's happening across Ontario

2024-02-19 - Residents uneasy after 2 people shot at same north Toronto intersection within 24 hrs

2024-02-19 - Vancouver and Toronto renters lament quality of life more than homeowners: StatCan

2024-02-18 - SIU clears Niagara police in fatal St. Catharines shooting

2024-02-18 - Double stabbing leaves two Niagara Falls men in life-threatening condition

2024-02-18 - Fire destroys rural Welland barn and outbuildings

2024-02-18 - Welland's last bowling alley to close this June; proprietor looking for new location

2024-02-18 - New report compares home ownership to renting in Niagara

2024-02-18 - Sexual harassment, discrimination forcing women lawyers to quit. Some say the profession needs its ‘Me Too’ movement

2024-02-18 - Publicly, she fought Ontario on behalf of thousands of teachers. Privately, she was fighting a battle of her own

2024-02-18 - Five things never to say to someone who has just lost their job

2024-02-18 - WestJet flight diverts to Winnipeg after passenger tries to open door

2024-02-18 - He has one of Canada's largest Hot Wheels collections. Here's what drives him to go to unbelievable lengths for his beloved toy cars

2024-02-18 - Average rental rates in Hamilton fall again in January

2024-02-18 - A four-year wait. A rodent infestation. What's going on with Queen's Park's Sir John A. Macdonald statue?

2024-02-18 - 'DANGEROUS SITUATION': Heavily-damaged car on Hwy 401 in Oshawa shocks drivers

2024-02-18 - 'Don't go bacon my heart': PETA's new Burlington billboards honour Regan Russell

2024-02-18 - ‘Top branded products at liquidation prices’: Discount retailer closing all locations

2024-02-18 - Homeless N.L. man lives on $175 a month. Federal housing monitor says it’s not enough

2024-02-18 - Quebec man 'not worthy' to be parent of child fathered during sexual assault: judge

2024-02-18  - Pennsylvania magistrate judge is charged with shooting her ex-boyfriend in the head as he slept

2024-02-18 - Ford awaiting Red Bull investigation into Horner but stresses high moral values company holds

2024-02-18 - An exodus of 45,000 Ontario real estate agents and brokers has hit the industry since the slowdown — but some say Toronto still has too many agents

2024-02-18 - It's now looking like we won't see an interest-rate cut until June — why does the Bank of Canada keep us guessing?

2024-02-16 - 'Gloves truly off now': The fight among college presidents over international students is getting ugly

2024-02-16 - 5,500 unvaccinated Niagara students facing suspension

2024-02-16 - St. Catharines to reimburse building fees for affordable housing projects

2024-02-16 - Man, 71, dead following two-vehicle collision in Thorold

2024-02-16 - 8 motorists, including 2 from New York state, charged with impaired driving in Niagara in a week

2024-02-16 - Family dog dies in Port Colborne house fire

2024-02-16 - SIU terminates investigation into man's injury while in NRP custody

2024-02-16 - Kelsey's restaurant served customer 18 shots before fatal car crash, AGCO alleges

2024-02-16 - Doug Ford government to ban most highway tolls, freeze driver's licence fees and eliminate plate registration

2024-02-16 - 'Beyond crisis levels': Why Ontario doctors are fleeing family medicine

2024-02-16 - Pay $200,000 or ‘we will come and shoot you.’ GTA businessmen describe ‘terrorizing’ extortion attempts

2024-02-16 - Here's how many international student applications Ontario universities want

2024-02-16 - Tip of the iceberg? Experts warn plunge in Canadian Tire profits point to economic storm ahead

2024-02-16 - Protests, poisoning and prison: The life and death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny

2024-02-16 - Can you tell the difference between AI-generated images and real people? Take our quiz

2024-02-16 - Fort Erie council hears details of plans for former Ridgeway high school property

2024-02-16 - Port Colborne council denies application for 6-storey condo building

2024-02-16 - Poilievre says he would 'cut wasteful foreign aid,' work towards NATO spending target

2024-02-16 - Massive landslide on coastal bluff leaves Southern California mansion on the edge of a cliff

2024-02-16 - Russia has obtained a 'troubling' emerging anti-satellite weapon, the White House says

2024-02-15 - Police operation underway after 'armed assault' involving multiple victims west of Montreal

2024-02-15 - Doug Ford government to ban most highway tolls, freeze driver's licence fees and eliminate plate registration

2024-02-15 - St. Catharines city councillor recovering from brain tumour surgery

2024-02-15 - Forged driver's licence used to steal $61,000 SUV from Welland dealership, court hears

2024-02-15 - 'This guy needs to be stopped': Shoddy construction jobs, burnt down homes, car crashes — a litany of lawsuits against Omre Taha

2024-02-15 - Convicted fraudster pleads guilty in Niagara real estate scam

2024-02-15 - Hamilton man building home without proper permit faces legal challenge from city

2024-02-15 - Shooting after Chiefs Super Bowl parade seemed to stem from dispute among several people, police say

2024-02-15 - The Ontario college with the most international students comes out swinging against Canada's reforms

2024-02-15 - Police arrest five after Niagara Falls drug investigation

2024-02-15 - CREA reports January home sales jump 22% from year ago in largest gain since 2021

2024-02-15 - CTV cancelling most noon and weekend newscasts as Bell cuts 4,800 jobs. Here's what shows are coming to an end

2024-02-13 - Niagara police to retain portion of budget surplus for new military rifles

2024-02-13 - ‘Spectacular celebration of Canada’s national summer sport’ coming to St. Catharines

2024-02-13 - Niagara 2023 job market 'driven by subtleties in the demographics'

2024-02-13 - NRP reports spike in west Niagara auto thefts

2024-02-13 - Man who approached young cheerleaders at Niagara competition has developmental delays, court hears

2024-02-13 - Convicted fraudster pleads guilty in Niagara real estate scam

2024-02-13 - No injuries in minor St. Catharines school bus crash

2024-02-13 - Eclipse could bring largest crowd ever to Niagara Falls

2024-02-13 - Son charged with killing father in Stoney Creek arrested in Toronto

2024-02-13 - More than one million Ontario drivers with expired licence plates are risking $1,000 fines. Are you one of them?

2024-02-13 - Conservative motion, backed by NDP, produced $40M in regulatory relief for Bell

2024-02-13 - Doug Ford backs down on wage restraint legislation

2024-02-13 - Secrecy surrounding Elon Musk’s brain project Neuralink and its living human patient adds to controversy

2024-02-13 - Historic N.S. storm: Woman dies after snow falls on propane line outside seniors home

2024-02-13 - Warm weather forces city in Quebec to cancel ice-fishing villages for first time

2024-02-13 - Canadian TV, film, music industries ask MPs for protection against AI

2024-02-12 - Construction at Niagara regional long-term care homes enters the stretch drive

2024-02-12 - St. Catharines shop raided in OPP crackdown on illicit cannabis operations

2024-02-12 - 'Why would somebody kill a guy like that?' Family member describes brave dad blocking entry to house in deadly altercation allegedly with son

2024-02-12 - Pierre Poilievre claims 40 offenders were arrested 6,000 times in Vancouver in a year. Is that actually true?

2024-02-12 - 'We have a very large problem': Why Ontario is dealing with syphilis rates it hasn't seen in decades

2024-02-12 - Twenty suspected drug poisonings in six days spur warning from city over laced opioids

2024-02-12 - We spent 12 hours inside a Toronto ER. Here’s what it’s really like for doctors and nurses on the overnight shift

2024-02-12 - More than one million Ontario drivers with expired licence plates are risking $1,000 fines. Are you one of them?

2024-02-12 - On transgender issues, Pierre Poilievre twists the truth and punches down

2024-02-12 - Opioid 25 times more powerful than fentanyl detected in Quebec City region

2024-02-12 - 'Depressing' to see 'W5' affected by Bell Media cuts, says former host Kevin Newman

2024-02-11 - Novelty item or job threat? As use of robot servers in Niagara restaurants widens, so does the debate

2024-02-11 - Ground-breaking Niagara project puts our forests on the map

2024-02-11 - Stepfather jailed for five years on sex-related charges

2024-02-11 - Contractor who defrauded clients out of almost $90,000 to be sentenced in March

2024-02-11 - Bereaved father plans walk from Niagara to Ottawa to raise awareness for mental health and addiction

2024-02-11 - CTV cancelling most noon and weekend newscasts as Bell cuts 4,800 jobs. Here's what shows are coming to an end

2024-02-11 - Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre have found a common enemy for what's wrong with Canada

2024-02-11 - Where are you more productive, in the office or working remotely? The verdict is in …

2024-02-11 - OPP confirm identities of man, woman found dead in rural home

2024-02-11 - Conservative riding association protests 'unfair and undemocratic' decision to parachute former Doug Ford minister into federal riding

2024-02-11 - This college put the brakes on international students five years ago. Why Canada's new cap still has it bracing for a 'catastrophic impact'

2024-02-11 - This tiny, one-bedroom Toronto home is listed at over $1 million. Is it worth the price tag?

2024-02-11 - 'Monumental': Supreme Court rules Indigenous child welfare law is constitutional

2024-02-11 - Ban on several cosmetic surgeries for pets now in effect in Quebec

2024-02-11 - Demolishing Montreal Olympic Stadium would be costly, but experts question $2B price

2024-02-11 - Opioid 25 times more powerful than fentanyl detected in Quebec City region

2024-02-11 - Russia launches 45 drones in mass barrage of Ukraine as Kyiv continues war cabinet reshuffle

2024-02-11 - Investigators will try to find out why a private jet crashed onto a Florida interstate and killed 2

2024-02-11 - Man who attacked Las Vegas judge during sentencing now indicted by a grand jury for attempted murder

2024-02-11 - 'It is important for people to get their ducks in a row now': Niagara real estate market heating up

2024-02-11 - Freeland announces $199 million in support for low-income renters, shelters

2024-02-07 – It Doesn’t Pay to Work for a Living to Make Ends Meet - Freeland announces $199 million in support for low-income renters, shelters

2024-02-07 - 10 motorists charged with impaired driving in Niagara in a week

2024-02-07 - Discussion on Victoria Avenue library use as potential homeless shelter raises alarm bells

2024-02-07 - Road name changes to pave way for Niagara's new 911 system

2024-02-07 - West Lincoln homeowners facing 6.34% tax hike

2024-02-07 - Police looking for missing Niagara Falls girl, 13

2024-02-07 - Niagara-on-the-Lake library board questions spending on electronic resources

2024 -02-07 - Warrant issued for man serving firearm sentence

2024-02-07 - Are they listening? Niagara continues efforts to gain the ear of federal and provincial governments

2024-02-07 - Yesterday and Today: Canada’s first autos were built in St. Catharines

2024-02-07 - Niagara doctor shortage persists, despite recruitment success last year

2024-02-07 - Springtime in February? There’s a chance Niagara will see double-digit temperatures this week

2024-02-07 - OPP confirm identities of man, woman found dead in rural home

2024-02-07 - As King Charles III is treated for cancer, here is the order of succession to the British throne

2024-02-07 - Police apprehend foreign nationals who crossed into Canada on foot from United States

2024-02-07 - Peel police charge St. Catharines man, 62, in child luring investigation

2024-0207 - Hamilton paramedics apologize after 'accidentally' sending 162 patient records to wrong hospitals

2024-02-07 - High cost of living forces majority of Ontarians to put necessities before retirement savings

2024-02-07 - Video showing 2-metre-long dead snake 'not native to Canada' found on shoreline of Mississauga's Credit River

2024-02-07 - Trapped in her home, Cape Breton mayor wept when a snowplow arrived on her street

2024-02-07 - Former RCMP intelligence official sentenced to 14 years for breaking secrets law

24-02-07 - RCMP union pans Saskatchewan marshals plan, says money should go to Mounties

2024-02-07 - 102-year-old British veteran flies a Spitfire on a delightfully bumpy ride for charity

2024-02-07 - Cough? Sore throat? More schools suggest mildly sick kids attend anyway

2024-02-07 - Home sales, prices rise in Montreal amid optimism around interest rates: board

2024-02-07 - Loss leaders: How grocery stores get shoppers in the door, entice them to spend more

2024-02-06 - As King Charles III is treated for cancer, here is the order of succession to the British throne

2024-02-06 - King Charles III has cancer and is receiving treatment, Buckingham Palace says

2024-02-05  Greater Toronto housing market tightens as home sales surge 37% in January: board

2024-02-06 - Cannabis use linked to anxiety diagnoses, worsened anxiety disorders: Ontario study

2024-02-06 - Bronte GO station on Lakeshore West line closed due to report of 'suspicious package,' police say

2024-02-06 - Welland man and woman face drug trafficking-related charges

2024-02-06 - Millions of Canadian salaried workers will work for free on Feb. 29 — saving corporations about $2 billion. Is it wage theft?

2024-02-06 - Tropical New Brunswick home to Dr. Seuss-like tree from around 350 million years ago

2024-02-04 - LIUNA director sues Hamilton lawyer over Israel-Hamas posts

2024-02-06 - Flames alum Lanny McDonald suffers cardiac event returning from NHL all-star game

2024-02-06 - Business insolvencies spike as COVID aid fades. And experts fear it’s just the ‘tip of the iceberg’

2024-02-06 - Toby Keith, country singer-songwriter, dies at 62 after stomach cancer diagnosis

2024-02-06 - Prince Harry arrives in London after father King Charles III's cancer diagnosis

2024-02-06 - Schools await clarity on housing guarantee as student visa approvals suspended

2024-02-06 - Ontario Superior Court hears constitutional challenge over Mike Harris-era panhandling law

2024-02-05 - Limiting Ozempic for Ontarians on social assistance has experts concerned about fairness

2024-02-06 - Doug Ford's new planning rule actually slowing housing construction, say builders

2024-02-06 - Canada's democracy is seriously endangered by artificial intelligence threats, expert warns

2024-02-06 - Should Canada stop oil and gas companies from 'falsely advertising' the supposed benefits of fossil fuels?

2024-02-06 - Emergency declared in Cape Breton as snowstorm leaves much of Nova Scotia paralyzed

2024-02-06 - Here's how 2 sentences in the Constitution rose from obscurity to ensnare Donald Trump

2024-02-05 - 'Remarkable story': Plaque recognizing historic significance of Chloe Cooley unveiled in Niagara-on-the-Lake

2024-02-05 - Matty Matheson's Rizzo's House of Parm serves up free pasta to fans

2024-02-05 - Consultant report recommends protecting and enhancing the land around Rand Estate

2024-02-05 - Hundreds rally outside PC policy conference in Niagara Falls

2024-02-05 - Doug Ford takes aim at Bonnie Crombie in speech to the Tory troops in Niagara Falls

2024-02-05 - Four-day career fair at Niagara College starts Monday

2024-02-05 - Hamilton Spectator reporter Dave Kewley almost drowned on the job in 1975 Niagara River accident

2024-02-05 - 'Best budget process': Siscoe praises strong mayor process as St. Catharines budget passes with 1.78 per cent increase

2024-02-05 - Emerging policing issues: ‘Crime knows no boundaries,’ says NRP Chief Bill Fordy

2025-02-05 - Former NRP CAO pleads guilty to criminal harassment, placed on probation

2024-02-05 - Conditional sentence for Niagara man connected to $42-million cannabis operation

2024-02-05 - Here's how 2 sentences in the Constitution rose from obscurity to ensnare Donald Trump

2024-02-05 - Millions of Canadian salaried workers will work for free on Feb. 29 — saving corporations about $2 billion. Is it wage theft?

2024-02-05 - Looking for an 'IELTS clear girl': Why Canada’s international student reforms may spoil these kinds of marriages in India

2024-02-05 - Pierre Poilievre to promise heftier punishment for car thieves if Conservatives win next election

2024-02-05 - Given up on buying a place in Toronto? You could buy a $300,000 house with a pool overseas instead

2024-02-05 - Joni Mitchell, 80, and the Grammys debut that was worth waiting for

2024-02-05 - 2024 Grammys: Celine Dion's emotional return, plus Taylor Swift's historic win and surprise album announcement

2024-02-05 - Emergency declared in Cape Breton as snowstorm leaves much of Nova Scotia paralyzed

2024-02-05 - Opponents of Alberta's proposals for transgender youth rally over weekend

2024-02-05 - Nuclear waste transport risks to be conveyed

2024-02-04 - Doug Ford takes aim at Bonnie Crombie in speech to the Tory troops in Niagara Falls

2024-02-04 - 'Remarkable story': Plaque recognizing historic significance of Chloe Cooley unveiled in Niagara-on-theLake

2024-02-04 - Former NRP CAO pleads guilty to criminal harassment, placed on probation

2024-02-04 - Upgrading Peach King Centre among key issues for Grimsby mayor in 2024

2024-02-04 - Ontario SPCA’s Cupcake Day is all about the animals … and the cupcakes

2024-02-04 - Emerging policing issues: ‘Crime knows no boundaries,’ says NRP Chief Bill Fordy

2024-02-04 - Conditional sentence for Niagara man connected to $42-million cannabis operation

2024-02-04 - Newspaper heiress Patty Hearst was kidnapped 50 years ago. Now she's famous for her dogs

2024-02-04 - Regular families will never again be able to buy a house in Toronto – but we can still fix the housing crisis. Here’s how

2024-02-04 - All 41 companies that recently tried out a four-day work week made it permanent. Here's why your company may be next

2024-02-04 - What do you do when you are stuck with a pre-construction home or condo?

2024-02-04 - You're not imagining the gloom. What happened to the sun?

2024-02-04 - Justin Trudeau needs to stop his Donald Trump trash talk, former ambassador warns

2024-02-04 - Katherine Henderson took over Hockey Canada hoping to turn the page — instead, she's at the centre of a firestorm

2024-02-04 - Justin Trudeau slams Pierre Poilievre for link to Loblaws lobbying

2024-02-04 - Federal government's foreign buyer ban on Canadian homes to be extended to 2027

2024-02-04 - Minister sorry for 'crappy piece of land' remark that angered pro-Palestinian groups

2024-02-02 - Niagara Health faces $12M deficit

2024-02-02 - St. Catharines lays out plan for spending $25.7 million from feds

2024-02-02 - Niagara hotel owner among four jailed Chinese dissidents nominated by U.S. lawmakers for Nobel Peace Prize

2024-02-02 - Woman steals disabled Welland man's identity to divert COVID benefits, court hears

2024-02-02 -  Niagara Regional Police dive unit recovers truck from Welland Canal

2024-02-02 - More than $40,000 in drugs, cash, loaded handgun seized in St. Catharines, police say

2024-02-02 - Canada’s dental benefit is expanding. Here’s what you need to know

2024-02-02 - Mother of Michigan school shooter denies any responsibility for gun used to kill four students

2024-02-02 - Investigators recover voice recorder, talk to lone survivor of N.W.T. plane crash

2024-02-02 - Government should boost grocery competition at home, not seek outsider: experts

2024-02-02 - 'We’re over the worst': Ontario's top doctor says COVID, influenza are past peak but urges vigilance

2024-02-02 - What did Wiarton Willie, Punxsutawney Phil and other groundhogs predict this Groundhog Day?

2024-02-02 - 'Pierre is going to win': PC insiders privately fear more MPPs will abandon Doug Ford for Team Poilievre

2024-02-02 - The UN's top court is set to decide if it can hear Ukraine's genocide case against Russia

2024-02-02 - OPP lay charges after ‘suspicious’ transaction at Niagara Falls casino

2024-02-02 - Ford government expands primary care teams in effort to fix doctor shortage

2024-02-02 - Trudeau government's probe into abuse in Canadian sports is lacking, critics say

2024-02-02 - Who are the 5 hockey players charged in the 2018 world junior sexual assault case?

2024-02-02 - It's so cold and snowy in Alaska that fuel oil is thickening and roofs are collapsing

2024-02-02 - Haley insists she's staying in the GOP race. Here's how that could cause problems for Trump

2024-02-02 - Skyscraper-size asteroid will buzz Earth on Friday, safely passing within 1.7 million miles

2024-02-02 - Increase in U.S. softwood lumber duties 'entirely unwarranted,' trade minister says

2024-02-02 - Maker of millions of recalled sleep apnea machines agrees to halt sales in US

2024-02-02 - What will the Year of the Dragon hold for you? Here's your Lunar New Year horoscope

2024-02-02 - Federal government rejects Windsor's request for money from housing fund

2024-01-31 - Modular 50-bed St. Catharines homeless shelter coming together at rapid pace


2024-01-31 - Niagara-on-the-Lake council rejects staff recommendation, denies 3-storey, 17-unit apartment

2024-01-31 - Marineland seeks to have charges over bears stayed, pleads not guilty

2024-01-31 - International affairs: Siscoe says municipal councils shouldn't weigh in on conflicts in Gaza or Ukraine

2024-01-31 - B'nai Brith reports increased complaints following Brock University Holocaust education week

2024-01-31 - ‘Considered armed and dangerous’: 4 men wanted in alleged Pen Centre jewelry store robberies

2024-01-31 - Born & Raised festival returning to Montebello Park

2024-01-31 - One taken to hospital after QEW crash at Fruitland Road

2024-01-31 - Victim of sexual assault tells attacker they hope 'love will outweigh aggression,' court hears

2024-01-31 - Chevy Chase coming to Niagara Falls Comic Con

2024-01-31 - Buffalo airport taking off with Niagara residents

2024-01-31 - 'How do you sleep at night, bro?' Parliament returns with the same old toxic behaviour

2024-01-31 - Canada issues travel advisory for Bahamas due to crime, following U.S. warning

2024-01-31 - Price increases coming to Metro stores as industry price freeze ends: CEO

2024-01-31 - How scammers tricked a northern Ontario city into wiring $1.5 million to a Toronto bank account

2024-01-31 - One of the largest data breaches with over 26 billion records has been discovered. Here's how to protect yourself

2024-01-31 - Wondering if you'll 2024-01-30 - ever be able to retire? In Canada's cost-of-living crisis, you're not alone

2024-01-31 - Four more 2018 Canadian world junior team members charged in alleged London sex assault case’

2024-01-30 - Kenneth Law, charged with 14 counts of first-degree murder, faces direct indictment

2024-01-31 - McDonald's iconic McRib sandwich is back in Canada after a decade-long wait

2024-01-31 - As demand for Ozempic soars, Ontario puts limits on coverage under Ontario Drug Benefit Plan

2024-01-31 - Niagara-on-the-Lake draft tourism strategy recommends creating tourism director post

2024-01-31 - National Geographic ranks top global travel experiences for 2024. See where solar eclipse in Niagara Falls ranks

2024-01-31 - CBC head Catherine Tait won't rule out accepting a bonus amid widespread cuts

2024-01-31 - Official found it 'strange' that Michigan school shooter's mom didn't take him home over drawing

2024-01-31 - Biden calls Trump a 'loser' as he raises money on his home turf in Florida

2024-01-31 - Hungary opposes billions in new EU aid for Ukraine. A new summit will try to change that

2024-01-31 - Hackers hit Toronto-based gold miner Alamos Gold — payroll, financials, home addresses published online

2024-01-31 - Movie Review: In ‘How to Have Sex,’ the party suddenly stops being fun

2024-01-31 - Buyers at the gate: House prices are expected to rise this year. Will buyers flood in when the rate cuts come?

2024-01-30 - International affairs: Siscoe says municipal councils shouldn't weigh in on conflicts in Gaza or Ukraine

2024-01-30 - Head of Niagara SPCA dies suddenly at age of 63

2024-01-30 - No end in sight to mild winter weather for southern Ontario, says Environment Canada meteorologist

2024-01-30 - Woman who stabbed at five-year-old child pleads guilty to additional charges

2024-01-30 - UPDATE: Cogeco internet restored for vast majority of Niagara and Hamilton customers

2024-01-30 - Niagara Region asks province to update act governing states of emergency

2024-01-30 - 10,000 Ontario patients cut loose because of staffing shortages

2024-01-30 - King Charles III, Princess of Wales both discharged from hospital

2024-01-30 - Marvin Elkind's double life: Mafia insider turned police informant dies peacefully

2024-01-30 - Canadian Hells Angels hired to murder Iranian defector, U.S. indictment charges

2024-01-30 - Provinces knew the deal when they signed on to $10-a-day child care: Liberal minister

2024-01-30 - Leon's Furniture planning nearly 4,000-home real estate development

2024-01-30 - Coyotes: A Misunderstood Species

2024-01-30 - Rent hikes are slowing but tenants are still competing in an ‘utterly unaffordable' market

2024-01-30 - Manulife-Loblaw deal to deliver specialty drugs sparks access, competition concerns

2024-01-30 - Ottawa to offer universities, colleges low-cost loans to build new student housing

2024-01-30 - Stuffed polar bear stolen during break-and-enter at Alberta resort: RCMP

2024-01-30 - Flair Airlines owes feds $67 million in unpaid taxes, prompting seizure order

2024-01-30 - Ontario Groundhog Day 2024 predictions and odds for early spring

2024-01-20  These once-strangers want to live alone, together — and are designing and financing their own community to do it

2024-01-30 - Buyers at the gate: House prices are expected to rise this year. Will buyers flood in when the rate cuts come?

2024-01-29 - Deputy Chief Bill Fordy appointed Niagara's new top cop

2024-01-29 - Historic Rodman Hall up for sale in St. Catharines

2024-01-29 - International student cap hits Niagara post-secondary institutions

2024-01-29 - No cellphone policy changes anticipated for Niagara boards

2024-01-29 - No school for Niagara's public and Catholic students during rare solar eclipse

2024-01-29 - ‘Romance scam’ leaves Simcoe resident out more than $400,000

2024-01-29 - Mystery deaths of 3 Chiefs fans fuels speculation but police say there's still no sign of foul play

2024-01-29 - 10,000 Ontario patients cut loose because of staffing shortages

2024-01-29 -  Hamilton company built key part of world's largest cruise ship

2024-01-29 - Hundreds of Haldimand-Norfolk students face suspension over missing vaccines

2024-01-29 - New Staples locations part of broad ServiceOntario review, minister says

2024-01-29 - Her condo was licensed as an Airbnb rental without her consent. Why this landlord and others are now suing the City of Toronto

2024-01-29 - Document spells out allegations against 12 UN employees Israel says participated in Hamas attack

2024-01-29 - Canada's inquiry into foreign interference starts today

2024-01-29 - Contentious plan for eight-story condo in Upper Stoney Creek heads straight to appeal tribunal

2024-01-29 - The disturbing reality of Islamophobia: An alarming surge of reported hate crimes

2024-01-29 - Alleged Grimsby porch pirates arrested

2024-01-29 - Two years after reopening from the pandemic, is Toronto's theatre sector on the brink of a crisis?

2024-01-26 - Top UN court stops short of ordering cease-fire in Gaza and demands Israel contain deaths

2024-01-26 - 2024-01-26 - Woman's will leaves money to Niagara police dogs — that may be suited with body armour

2024-01-26 - Anonymous donor offers free grocery giveaway in Thorold this Saturday

2024-01-26 - Seaway Mall business remains closed after BMW crashes through wall

2024-01-26 - 'This one really is quite bizarre,' MPP says of questionable Welland fairgrounds sale

2024-01-26 - St. Catharines' Jan. 26 forecast: Periods of rain or drizzle

2024-01-26 - Donald Trump testifies for less than 3 minutes in defamation trial and is rebuked by judge

2024-01-26 - 'Freedom Convoy' supporters and haters now have fresh ammunition

2024-01-26 - Thousands of people across Canada donate blood after mad cow-related ban lifted

2024-01-26 - Alabama execution using nitrogen gas, the first ever, again puts US at front of death penalty debate

2024-01-26 - U.S. company fires new mom who asked to work remotely to care for baby in NICU. Why this wouldn't be legal in Ontario

2024-01-26 - Cutting down your food budget? Here's how to save money at the grocery store

2024-01-26 - She found a magic mushroom chocolate in her teen's bedroom

2024-01-26 - Pierre Poilievre poaches Doug Ford cabinet minister to run federally

2024-01-26 - A day after Trump testifies, lawyers have final say in E. Jean Carroll defamation trial

2024-01-26 - Liberal MP reverses his call for leadership review of Justin Trudeau

2024-01-26 - Police tracked Quebec cold case suspect to cinema, seized drinking cup, trial hears

2024-01-26 - 'It's like a jail': Halifax encampment residents choose tents over new $3M shelter

2024-01-26 - Study suggests oilsands pollutant release vastly higher than official estimates

2024-01-26 - There may actually be consequences for the Canadian juniors accused of sexual assault

2024-01-26 - A US scientist has brewed up a storm by offering Britain advice on making tea

2024-01-26 - As US brings home large numbers of jailed Americans, some families are still waiting for their turn

2024-01-26 - 'Forever mortgage' warning. Canada's financial watchdog cautions banks over use of fixed-payment variable loans

2024-01-25 - 'It's like a jail': Halifax encampment residents choose tents over new $3M shelter

2024-01-25 - Naturalizing St. Catharines cul-de-sacs not supported by neighbours

2024-01-25 - Niagara Catholic board suspends trustee for Nazi and Pride flags comparison

2024-01-25 - Charge stayed in case of fatal shooting in St. Catharines school parking lot

2024-01-25 - Art exhibit in Grimsby focuses on Annie Edson Taylor, first person who successfully plunged over Horseshoe Falls in a barrel

2021-01-25 - SIU clears Niagara cops in medical incident that may have been triggered by drugs in man's rectum

2024-01-25 - Fallsview casino operator fined $70K for allegedly not flagging patron who bought chips with bag of cash

2024-01-25 - ‘Near zero visibility’: Environment Canada fog advisory continues for Niagara region

2024-01-25 - ‘MASSIVE TRAFFIC JAMS’: Ontario’s April 8 solar eclipse promises to eclipse even Niagara Falls, and is giving an increasing number of kids the day off school

2024-01-25 - Could Niagara Falls become 'north Vegas' for civil weddings?

2024-01-25 - Peel police charge St. Catharines man, 62, in child luring investigation

2024-01-25 - OPP seize suspected fake Norval Morrisseau painting at Queen's Park as part of wider art fraud probe

2024-01-25 - 'We aren’t talking about sending them into busy streets or near rough water.' Canadian Paediatric Society recommends risky play for kids

2024-01-25 - Area hospitals using loans, lines of credit to pay for care

2024-01-25 - Here's what happened when Tucker Carlson shared the stage with a Canadian premier

2024-01-25 - Ford government stands by use of Emergencies Act against 'Freedom Convoy' despite court decision

2024-01-25 - Under pressure, Ford government readying law to punish local politicians who harass staff

2024-01-25 - Five players from Canada's 2018 world junior hockey team granted leaves as police reportedly probe sex assault charges

2024-01-25 - UN court to issue ruling Friday on South Africa's request for order to halt Israel's Gaza offensive

2024-01-25 - Lack of firefighting skills cited in sinking of Nova Scotia trawler that caught fire

2024-01-24 - A sneak peek at Niagara's new hospital — four years before it opens

2024-01-24 - St. Catharines at 1.78% tax increase after latest budget talks

2024-01-24 - St. Catharines forestry department saved, but still work to do

2024-01-24 - Niagara police report collision between school bus and vehicle in Welland

2024-01-24 - Got an obstructed licence plate? Expect to be pulled over in Niagara

2024-01-24 - ‘I’m going to miss the people’: Evel Knievel Daredevil Museum and pawnshop in Niagara Falls for sale

2024-01-24  Niagara-on-the-Lake lord mayor says merger would crush town's 'uniqueness'

2024-01-24 - Vegan Hippie Chick closes its doors — 'it just got to be too heavy'

2024-01-24 - Niagara hospitals again receive top marks

2024-01-24 - Peel police charge St. Catharines man, 62, in child luring investigation

2024-01-24 - Military veteran charged in Capitol riot is ordered released from custody

2024-01-24 - Fire ravages vacant building in downtown Niagara Falls

2024-01-24 - 5 arrested after police say hole was cut in fence at Ford Oakville plant and 14 brand new vehicles stolen

2024-01-24 - The bizarre slaughter of 4,500 birds in downtown Hamilton 70 years ago today

2024-01-24 - Canadians worry about quality of health care, have little faith it will improve: poll

2024-01-24 - Three people charged after probe into November pro-Palestinian protest

2024-01-24 - Was downed Russian military plane carrying missiles or soon-to-be released Ukrainian POWs?

2024-01-24 - Got one hour? Get hitched in Niagara Falls this Valentine’s Day

2024-01-24 - Battered in the polls, Justin Trudeau's Liberals look for a boost from … Donald Trump?

2024-01-24 - What's 'parental alienation'? Why so many feminist groups are urging Justin Trudeau to ban its use

2024-01-24 - Vancouver fire captain had 'bad feeling' just three days before fatal blaze

2024-01-24 - Here's how key players reacted to the Federal Court's decision on the Emergencies Act

2024-01-24 - Gangly adolescent giraffe Benito has arrived at his new home. Now comes the hard part -- fitting in

2024-01-24 - Almost 80 years after the Holocaust, 245,000 Jewish survivors are still alive

2024-01-24 - 'Doomsday Clock' signals existential threats of nuclear war, climate disasters and AI

2024-01-24 - Mac expert says salmonella 'here to stay'

2024-01-24 - Apple agrees to pay $14 million battery settlement. Canadian iPhone owners can apply for up to $150

2024-01-23 - Niagara Regional Police Chief Bryan MacCulloch wraps up 'unbelievable career'

2024-01-23 - ‘Consider postponing non-essential travel’: Environment Canada issues winter weather travel advisory for Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Welland and Niagara region

2024-01-23 - Potential for 'long-lasting harm': Niagara man jailed 15 months after molesting child

2024-01-23 - Target in Project Skyfall acquitted of drug charges in Hamilton court

2024-01-23 - What is Canada's international student program and why is it being capped?

2024-01-23 - 'An indictment of what the program became.' Canada sets new limits on work permits for international students, spouses

2024-01-23 - Bomb threat at Hamilton airport not credible

2024-01-23 - Doug Ford's office fires back at claims of inconsistencies in Greenbelt testimony

2024-01-23 - Canada’s next overnight rate announcement expected Wednesday. Is a future rate cut in the cards, despite stubborn inflation?

2024-01-23 - Canada's international student cap may offer temporary relief on rents, some economists say

2024-01-23 - Hamilton cop who recorded colleague dancing with gun facing disciplinary charges

2024-01-23 - Beating, stabbing, 'signs of torture' part of guilty plea in murder of Hamilton's Tommy Hoang

2024-01-23 - Almost 80 years after the Holocaust, 245,000 Jewish survivors are still alive

2024-01-23 - ‘Milder than normal conditions’: Deep freeze over for Ontario, El Niño taking over

2024-01-23 - ‘Confuse it with an airplane it's so bright’: This week’s 2024 wolf moon for Ontario will have close company — Jupiter

2024-01-23 - 11 people charged after York Regional Police recover 52 stolen vehicles worth $3.2M

2024-01-23 - Battered in the polls, Justin Trudeau's Liberals look for a boost from … Donald Trump?

2024-01-23 - Quebec man suspected of killing 9-year-old suing police, eager to clear name: lawyer

2024-01-23 - Popular Arthur restaurant speaks out following acts of racism

2024-01-23 - Vatican-affiliated Catholic charity makes last-minute appeal to stop 'barbarous' Alabama execution

2024-01-23 - Housing minister warns against resistance to ending exclusionary zoning

2024-01-22 - Police investigating ‘serious’ head-on collision on Ridgeway Road in Fort Erie

2024-01-22 - St. Catharines council told drone shows have less bang for the buck  

2024-01-22 - Astrotourism is travel's next big trend and 2024 offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

2024-01-22 - Ontario car insurance rates are skyrocketing. Here’s how to lower your premiums

2024-01-22 - 6-legged spaniel undergoes surgery to remove extra limbs and adjusts to life on 4 paws

2024-01-22 - Military ends rescue search for Navy SEALs lost in maritime raid on ship with Iranian weapons

2024-01-22 - Drunk driver arrested twice in less than three months to be sentenced in March

2024-01-22 - CP NewsAlert: Feds announce two-year cap on international student admissions

2024-01-22 - Liberals to hold auto-theft summit in February amid uptick in stolen cars sent abroad

2024-01-22 - Internal email suggests Doug Ford's office knew Greenbelt land swap details earlier than claimed

2024-01-22 - 'I feel like a million bucks': Welland man’s visit to Delta Bingo and Gaming Centre pays off with lottery win

2024-01-22 - U.S. gun crime, health insurance woes scare off Canadian diplomats, union says

2024-01-22 - Police say two men from Ontario arrested after shots fired at home north of Montreal

2024-01-22 - Over 580,000 beds are under recall because they can break or collapse during use

2024-01-19 - Trashed, burned and clogged: St. Catharines self-cleaning washroom going down the toilet

2024-01-19 - 'Are we all just waiting for Mr. Keeping to kill more people?': Judge suggests joint submission sentence for habitual impaired driver 'unhinged from reality'

2024-01-19 - Police investigating pedestrian death in St. Catharines

2024-01-19 - 'The goal of this was to get people out of the cold, plain and simple, nothing more. It's to save lives': Shelter pops up at downtown Welland church

2024-01-19 - Man allegedly steals vehicle in Niagara Falls with woman and child still inside, police say

2024-01-19 - Affordable housing lease agreement sought with City of Thorold

2024-01-19 - Online platform links Niagara post-secondary students to housing with older adults

2024-01-19 - Welland man, 28, faces child porn charges

2024-01-19 - Ford government slammed for Ontario's use of temporary nurses

2024-01-19 - Man sentenced to seven years for ex-wife's 1980 stabbing

2024-01-19 - Crave tells subscribers they'll need to fork out $2 more per month to avoid ads

2024-01-19 - Court asked to pull back curtain on cabinet secrets in Canada-U.S. refugee deal

2024-01-19 - Will surge in layoffs continue? Canadian economists say it all depends on the 'R' word …

2024-01-19 - Children's pain medicine recalled in Canada over risk of overdose

2024-01-19 - Edmonton police investigate extortions, arsons targeting South Asian community

2024-01-19 - Prosecutors arrest flight attendant on suspicion of trying to record teen girl in airplane bathroom

2024-01-19 - Best Buy and Bell partner up to rebrand, revamp The Source stores across Canada

2024-01-19 - Scottish Rite has starred in hundreds of movies and TV shows

2024-01-19 - Over 580,000 beds are under recall because they can break or collapse during use

2024-01-19 - 'It’s a real problem:' Housing starts across Canada fall seven per cent in 2023

2024-01-19 - Parole hearing scheduled for man convicted in sex crimes against Young Canadians

2024-01-19 - B.C. Coroners Service reports 36 outdoor deaths to start year, 5 on cold Jan. 12

2024-01-19 - Toronto school board looking into new policy to limit cellphone use by students

2024-01-19  Former staffer suing Nova Scotia premier's office for firing over social media post

2024-01-19 - Canadian-built underwater observatory transmitting data from around Antarctica

2024-01-19 - Alberta to provide help for people removed from 'gang-run' encampments in Edmonton

2024-01-19 - Child’s death in dog attack leads to roundup, killing of strays in Salluit

2024-01-18 - St. Catharines to receive $25.7 million from federal housing program

2024-01-18 - St. Catharines hospital gets new name following $15M donation

2024-01-18 - 13-year-old banned from driving after Fort Erie crash causes other driver to go into premature labour

2024-01-18 - Discharge for teen who attempted to get opioids using phony prescription

2024-01-18 - St. Catharines man, 21, faces five break and enter charges following investigation in Grimsby, West Lincoln

2024-01-18 - Homeless man declines help as Niagara Falls city councillors talk about options to escape extreme cold weather

2024-01-18 - Thousands of Canadian small businesses scramble to pay back CEBA loans as deadline hits

2024-01-18 - Loblaws, Zehrs, Valu-Mart, No Frills and other grocery stores quietly slash expiring food discount from 50% to 30%, sparking consumer outrage online

2024-01-18 - Can an algorithm predict when you'll die? Canadian researchers may be getting closer

2024-01-18 - Online gambling sites being used by money launderers: financial intelligence agency

2024-01-18 - 'This crime has ruined me': Victims of doula fraud share their experience

2024-01-18 - 'It's easy for Doug, because he's rich': MPPs haven't had raises since 2008 — and some see that as a problem

2021-01-18 - School buses not running for students in Fort Erie, Port Colborne and Wainfleet, says Niagara Student Transportation Services

2024-01-18 - What is invasive group A strep? Deadly flesh-eating infection hits record numbers in Ontario and Canada

2024-01-18 - Texas man kills self after fatally shooting four, including his 8-year-old niece

2024-01-18 - Housing minister warns against resistance to ending exclusionary zoning

2024-01-18 - 'It’s a real problem:' Housing starts across Canada fall seven per cent in 2023

2024-01-17 - 'Freedom is not a licence, freedom is a responsibility:' Niagara anti-lockdown activist found guilty

2024-01-17 - Farewell to Welland's fair? Niagara Regional Exhibition grounds purportedly for sale

2024-01-17 - Welland ServiceOntario contractor says she's out of a job after Ford changes gears

2024-01-17 - Niagara Falls highrise expected to appeal to hospitality workers

2024-01-17 - Teen sentenced in relation to stabbing in Pelham

2024-01-17 - St. Catharines city facilities available for warming up but can’t offer overnight shelter

2024-01-17 - 'Outrageous': Privately, Justin Trudeau's Toronto MPs are furious at Olivia Chow over her property tax gambit

2024-01-17 - Killers get life in prison for Richmond Hill drive-by murder linked to Ontario ‘tow truck war’

2024-01-17 - Canada has destroyed more than 1,700 tonnes of weed since legalization. Here's why

2024-01-17 - Orkin Canada warns which pests to watch for seeking shelter from winter in your home

2024-01-17 - Wrestler Hulk Hogan helps rescue teenage girl trapped after Florida car crash

2024-01-17 - Donald Trump landslide: Republicans choose the chaos of a messy ex in Iowa

2024-01-17 - ‘Prepare for quickly changing and deteriorating travel conditions’: Snow squall warning issued for Niagara, expected along line from Long Point to Fort Erie

2024-01-17 - Woman found dead in apparent domestic attack in front of a Calgary elementary school

2024-01-17 - Man dies at Quebec ski hill; second death in one week on the slopes in the province

2024-01-17 - B.C. animal rescue group receives dozens of hummingbirds over cold, injuries

2024-01-17 - Some bankruptcy trustees say they're getting more calls from preconstruction homebuyers — a trend likely to continue

2024-01-17 - Mastermind terminates 272 employees as sale to Unity closes

2024-01-17 - Canada's 'coiled up' housing market to see rebound year, with price gains into 2025, CREA predicts

2024-01-15 - Gangs, drugs, poverty said to be contributing to increase in violent crime in Niagara

2024-01-15 - Niagara man who fatally stabbed his brother jailed for 4 years

2024-01-15 - Woman who stabbed at five-year-old child who stepped off St. Catharines school bus to undergo assessment

2024-01-15 - ‘Locally heavy snowfall’: Expect a cold week in Niagara and snow almost daily

2024-01-15 - Cause of $300,000 Port Colborne apartment fire undetermined

2024-01-15 - Police investigating convenience store robbery in St. Catharines

2024-01-15 - Police investigate possibility trucker who vanished from Burlington Skyway still alive

2024-01-15 - 'Unsafe' home build in North End spurs road closure, evacuation

2024-01-15 - Cold weather alert: Frigid temperatures feeling like -27 prompts warning from Hamilton's chief medical officer

2024-01-15 - MLSE investigating after video shows fan in violent takedown by security during Leafs game at Scotiabank Arena

2024-01-15 - Quaker Oats expands recall of granola bars and cereals for salmonella risk

2024-01-15 - Canada's 'coiled up' housing market to see rebound year, with price gains into 2025, CREA predicts

2024-01-15 - GTA home prices rose in final quarter of 2023 compared to a year earlier, report finds

2024-01-15 - Guelph getting $21.4 million for housing in agreement with federal government

2024-01-14 - They're not aliens. That's the verdict from Peru officials who seized 2 doll-like figures

2024-01-14 - Owners of former St. Catharines hospital site in receivership

2024-01-14 - Mega-city, four-city model supported at Niagara governance hearing

2024-01-14 - Former Ridgeway legion member to be sentenced in Caribbean cruise fraud

2024-01-14 – McMaster researcher warns seniors of COVID danger

2024-01-14 - 15-year-old boy dies after falling from ski lift at Quebec resort

2024-01-14 - They're not aliens. That's the verdict from Peru officials who seized 2 doll-like figures

2024-01-11 - Killer of Grimsby grandmother found not criminally responsible

2024-01-11 - Year-end Niagara food bank figures foretell bleak future

2024-01-11 - $6.5 million in cocaine seized at Niagara border during September search

2024-01-11 - Niagara police arrest Hamilton man on child pornography charges

2024-01-11 - Hamilton-area dog rescue to help homeless owners and their pets weather the winter

2024-01-11 - St. Catharines' Jan. 11 forecast: Periods of snow

2024-01-11 - St. Catharines library customers borrowed more than 1 million items in 2023

2024-01-11 - Proposal to allow families to rent campsites along Welland Recreational Canal to be investigated

2024-01-11 - International students angered by failing grade say they feel exploited. Now the university is giving them a second chance

2024-01-11 - These Ontarians rely on roads made of snow and ice. But what happens when winter is too warm?

2024-01-11 - 'This is about the law': Peterborough police chief backs officers after store clerk charged with allegedly beating would-be robber with baseball bat

2024-01-11 - 'No one wants to spend 20 hours waiting': Canada's doctors say our ERs are in crisis

2024-01-11 - Pierre Poilievre's Conservatives ask why Justin Trudeau was allowed to accept $80,000 'gift'

2024-01-11 - Almost half of Ontario universities are running deficits, putting student services at risk, council says

2024-01-11 - Black Montreal theatre performer files defamation suit after puppet called racist

2024-01-11 - Secret tunnel in NYC synagogue leads to brawl between police and worshippers

2024-01-11 - Former first lady Melania Trump's mother, Amalija Knavs, has died

2024-01-11 - Nearly 10,000 died from COVID-19 last month, fueled by holiday gatherings and new variant, WHO says

2024-01-11 - Canadian class action against Apple has opt out deadline today

2024-01-11 - Michael J. Fox documentary wins four Emmy awards ahead of main telecast

2024-01-11 - Government was warned two years ago high immigration could affect housing costs

2024-01-11 - Economists see 'turning point' in housing market this year as interest rate cuts loom

2024-01-09 - Little improvement year after state of emergency declared by Niagara, say local politicians

2024-01-09 - Special weather statement issued for Niagara as snow is expected to change into rain

2024-01-09 - Housing and homelessness top priorities for Siscoe in 2024

2024-01-09 - Probation for former Bible instructor who molested siblings decades ago

2024-01-09 - Four people detained after crossing Niagara River on raft

2024-01-09 - Solar eclipse events in Niagara Falls require orders for viewing glasses, portable washrooms

2024-01-09 - Sprawling storm wallops US with tornado reports, damage and heavy snow, closing roads and schools

2024-01-09 - One in five restaurants with a pandemic loan at risk of closing as repayment deadline looms

2024-01-09 - Earth shattered global heat record in '23 and it's flirting with warming limit, European agency says

2024-01-09 - Vatican's doctrine chief is raising eyebrows over his 1998 book that graphically describes orgasms

2024-01-09 - Video of 73-year-old boarded up inside his apartment sparks investigation

2024-01-09 - Government defends another free vacation for Justin Trudeau at luxury resort: 'All of the rules have been followed'

2024-01-09 - Police say dog may have been thrown to its death from downtown Vancouver hotel

2024-01-07 - Richmond Hill man guilty of second-degree murder behind St. Catharines elementary school

2024-01-07 - St. Catharines' Jan. 7 forecast: Periods of light snow

2024-01-07 - McMaster University, students union slapped with $77-million lawsuit over antisemitism on campus

2024-01-07 - Habitat for Humanity Niagara's build trailer stolen from Fonthill Restore

2024-01-07 - SIU says Niagara Parks Police Service officer did not commit criminal offence in man's death

2024-01-07 - Niagara icewine growers and producers hoping for colder temperatures

2024-01-07 - First classes at Niagara Falls university delayed until spring

2024-01-07 - As winter sets in, the risk of fires at Hamilton encampments 'increases exponentially'

2024-01-07 - Hamilton police search for missing trucker

2024-01-07 - COVID-19 put six Waterloo Region patients in intensive care last week. That's the most in 10 months

2024-01-07 - Toronto made a bylaw to crack down on short-term Airbnb rentals. Now, companies are instructing investor owners how to evade the rules

2024-01-07 - An Ontario entrepreneur says thieves stole about $785,000 in bitcoin after hacking his phone. Was it his carrier's fault?

2024-01-07 - Ontario is picking a fight with an invasive, beaver-imposter. What you need to know about the nutria

2024-01-07 - On Jan. 6 many Republicans blamed Trump for the Capitol riot. Now they endorse his presidential bid

2024-01-07 - A drug cartel has attacked a remote Mexican community with drones and gunmen, rights group says

2024-01-07 - Family grieves daughter who died after Thunder Bay police did not respond to 911 call

2024-01-07 - Some Toronto parking spots are on sale for more than $100,000. Are they worth it?

2024-01-07 - Two found dead after house fire in Vaughan, Ont.

2024-01-07 - Canadian airlines say they're unaffected by Boeing 737-9 Max jetliner incident

2024-01-07 - Toronto police say dead woman believed to be behind city's first homicide of 2024

2024-01-06 - Fort Erie firefighters save dog's life while battling house fire

2024-01-06 - 'Slower' December was expected, as Niagara's housing market closes out 2023

2024-01-06 - Stolen licence plates lead police to theft suspects in Niagara Falls

2024-01-07 - Bedbugs are all over Hamilton — but where remains a mystery

2024-01-06 - Niagara peach crop not affected by mild December weather

2024-01-06 - Military sends second aircraft after Trudeau's plane breaks down in Jamaica

2024-01-06 - Who lost jobs and who gained them in 2023? The year in review

2024-01-06 - U.S. set to allow Florida to buy drugs from Canada, officials here point to supply issues

2024-01-06 - Iran mourns those slain in Islamic State-claimed suicide blasts as death toll rises to 89

2024-01-06 - Doug Ford's Tories set to abandon lucrative fundraiser in wake of Greenbelt scandal

2024-01-06 - Canada blocks citizenship for Russian activist convicted for blog posts opposing war

2024-01-06 - To plead or not to plead? That is the question for hundreds of Capitol riot defendants

2024-01-06 - A timeline of key moments leading to Japan planes colliding. Human error is seen as a possible cause

2024-01-06 - Jeffrey Epstein revelations a reminder of world's willingness to look the other way

2024-01-06 - 61-year-old with schizophrenia still missing three weeks after St. Louis nursing home shut down

2024-01-06 - New Jersey firefighters battle 4-alarm blaze at former home to Singer's 1st sewing machine factory

2024-01-06 - Do I really need a winter emergency kit? What should I have?

2024-01-05 - St. Catharines man jailed for role in 'brazen and callous' Karma nightclub shooting

2024-01-05 - Two men entered Niagara police station believing they had an appointment, got arrested instead

2024-01-05 - Lotto 6/49 ticket pays off for Port Colborne man

2024-01-05 - Fire destroys custom kitchen business in Ridgeway

2024-01-05 - 'Hobby shop' lost in $100,000 Welland garage blaze

2024-01-05 - Human remains found in New York state 29 years ago identified as missing Niagara man

2024-01-05 - 2023 homicides: Ranks as one of Niagara's deadliest years

2024-01-05 - ‘Leading cause of criminal deaths in Canada’: Niagara police charge 22 with impaired driving offences between Dec. 18 and 31

2024-01-05 - Inflation-weary consumers expected to hamper grocery store revenues in 2024

2024-01-05 - Teen kills 6th grader, wounds 5 others and takes own life in Iowa high school shooting, police say

2024-01-05 - Oscar Pistorius freed on parole, remains hidden after nearly 9 years in jail for killing girlfriend

2024-01-05 - At racist killer’s sentencing, relatives describe ‘desperately seeking solace’ after Ontario Muslim family’s murder

2024-01-05 - Iran mourns those slain in Islamic State-claimed suicide blasts as death toll rises to 89

2024-01-05 - David Thorne — a prince among pet doctors

2024-01-05 - Niagara police warn of distraction thefts at Grimsby grocery stores

2024-01-05 - Forty years after being convicted, two New Brunswick men exonerated in 1983 killing

2024-01-05 - Israel's peers warn against displacing Palestinians in Gaza to places like Canada

2024-01-05 - Man dead and two others injured in home invasion, Calgary police say

2024-01-05 - ER doctors don't want to deter people from seeking care amid crowding: association

2024-01-05 - California restaurant's comeback shows how outdated, false Asian stereotype of dog-eating persists

2024-01-05 - Florida man charged with threatening to kill US Rep Eric Swalwell and his children

2024-01-04 - Israel's peers warn against displacing Palestinians in Gaza to places like Canada

2024-01-04 - Emaciated dog discovered Christmas Eve — since named Gary — on road to recovery with Humane Society of Greater Niagara

2024-01-04 - Man found not guilty of endangering public at COVID lockdown protest in Niagara Falls

2024-01-04 - Niagara Falls shelter residents' access to showers limited over holidays

2024-01-04 - Niagara winemaker's killer found not criminally responsible

2024-01-04 - ‘Leading cause of criminal deaths in Canada’: Niagara police charge 22 with impaired driving offences between Dec. 18 to 31

2024-01-04 - 12 years after she vanished, divers believe they have found body of woman in submerged vehicle

2024-01-04 - Hospital staff overworked, support from province needed, Ontario union says

2024-01-04 - Ontario woman files proposed class-action lawsuit over salmonella-tainted cantaloupes

2024-01-04 - 13-year-old gamer becomes the first to beat the 'unbeatable' Tetris - by breaking it

2024-01-04 - Alzheimer's drugs might get into the brain faster with new ultrasound tool, study shows

2024-01-04 - More U.S. hospitals are requiring masks as flu and COVID-19 cases surge

2024-01-04 - French report says the UK isn't cooperating enough to curb migrant crossings across the Channel

2024-01-04 - Pilot accused of threatening to shoot airline captain mid-flight to make first court appearance

2024-01-04 - A major storm sweeping the US is expected to bring heavy rain, snow to East Coast this weekend

2024-01-04 - Housing and real estate made headlines in 2023. Here's what to watch for in 2024

2024-01-04 - Greater Toronto home sales for December rise as board expects rebound in 2024

2024-01-04 - Sentencing hearing today for man found guilty in London attack on Muslim family

2024-01-04 - Toronto police investigating fire at deli as possible hate crime

2024-01-04 - Toronto fire chief warns of lithium-ion batteries' risks after e-bike fire on subway

2024-01-04 - Court injunction against law banning public drug use disappointing, say police chiefs

2024-01-03 - New day dawns for recycling in Niagara

2024-01-03 - 'Very good' New Year's Eve capped off 'positive' 2023 for tourism in Niagara Falls

2024-01-03 - Driver injured after crashing into Port Colborne ditch

2024-01-03 - Hong Kong prosecutors allege democracy publisher Jimmy Lai urged protests, sanctions against China

2024-01-03 - Saving the Henderson General Hospital on Hamilton Mountain

2024-01-03 - Tim Hortons reveals which three doughnuts will join Dutchie in returning to menu

2024-01-03 - Police seek motive in fiery fatal crash in upstate New York; no terror link found

2024-01-03 - 16-year-old boy fatally stabbed on a hill overlooking London during New Year's Eve

2024-01-03 - Trump's vows to deport millions are undercut by his White House record and one family's story

2024-01-03 - Five-year fixed rates are dropping and variable-rate mortgages will soon follow, experts predict

2024-01-03 - Ottawa to accept 1,000 applications from Canadians' relatives seeking way out of Gaza

2024-01-03 - Municipalities are 'a treasure trove of information.' If the Toronto library cyberattack is a sign of what's to come, how can cities defend themselves?

2024-01-03 - Rescuers race against time in search for survivors in Japan after powerful quakes leave 73 dead

2024-01-03 - Montreal soup kitchen may have to stop feeding homeless for first time since 1877

2024-01-03 - "WE'RE DROWNING": Nurse speaks out on dire working conditions at Thompson Hospital ER in social media post

2024-01-03 - Man found dead at Salt Lake City airport after climbing inside jet engine

2024-01-02 - North Korea’s Kim says military should ‘thoroughly annihilate’ US and South Korea if provoked

2024-01-02 - St. Catharines' Jan. 2 forecast: Mainly cloudy

2024-01-02 - Bag of cash reported stolen from Niagara Walmart turned over to police

2024-01-02 - No arrests during NRP New Year's Eve RIDE initiative in St. Catharines, west Niagara

2024-01-02 - Woman dead after overnight shooting in parking lot of Mississauga nightclub

2024-01-02 - Police identify Daniel Musafiri, 29, as victim in Queen and York slaying

2024-01-02 - Convicted Niagara sex offender placed under house arrest for violating court order

2024-02-02 - Amid push for foreign registry, many say other measures needed to fight interference

2024-01-02 - Niagara Health welcomes first baby of 2024

2024-01-02 - Detector dogs could help sniff out more fentanyl, firearms at border, review suggests

2024-01-02 - Niagara kicks off 2024 with a bang at New Years' levees in St. Catharines and Niagara-on-the-Lake

2024-01-02 - $842 million Powerball ticket sold in Michigan, 1st time the game has been won on New Year's Day

2024-01-02 - Biden and Trump are poised for a potential rematch that could shake American politics

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