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2023-12-31 - CBC to skip New Year's Eve broadcast special due to 'financial pressures'

2023-12-31 - Party's over: Airbnb cracking down on unruly new year revelers in Niagara and across the globe

2023-12-31 - From toking to towing, these new Ontario laws and regulations come into effect on New Year's Day

2023-12-31 - Ring in the new year in Niagara with these five things to do

2023-12-31 - St. Catharines' Dec. 31 forecast: Chance of flurries or rain showers

2023-12-31 - 2023’s extreme storms, heat and wildfires broke records – a scientist explains how global warming fuels climate disasters

2023-12-31 - Federal Liberals will announce 'renewed' housing plan in 2024, minister says

2023-12-31 - 'It could happen to you': Hamilton man's message about homelessness

2023-12-31 - St. Catharines' Joe Feta's Greek Village preparing 1,000 meals for Niagara's homeless

2023-12-31 - I got a prescription for Ozempic, even though I shouldn’t have qualified. How the rise of for-profit telehealth companies has led to bad medicine

2023-12-31 - Top stories of 2023 on

2023-12-31 - Top stories of 2023 on

2023-12-31 - RCMP in P.E.I. say 32-year-old man faces charges following stabbing

2023-12-31 - Maine state official who removed Trump from ballot was targeted in swatting call at her home

2023-12-31 - While some Montreal streets boom, downtown is dotted with vacant storefronts

2023-12-31 - Austrian government supports Vienna Boys Choir to help it out of financial difficulties

2023-12-31 - He put his home office on tracks so he could commute into the forest? For real?

2023-12-30 - broadcast special due to 'financial pressures'

2023-12-30 - ‘Absolutely heartless’: helpless puppies dumped along Niagara River

2023-12-30 - One man dead after car crashes into a tree in St. Catharines

2023-12-30 - Ring in the new year in Niagara with these five things to do

2023-12-30 - Niagara's quotable year in entertainment

2023-12-30 - One arrested in RIDE campaign in Welland and Niagara-on-the-Lake

2023-12-30 - Billy Van, many faces in 'Hilarious House of Frightenstein,' getting his due

2023-12-30 - Will Justin Trudeau stay or call it quits? We listened to his year-end interviews, and this is what they revealed

2023-12-30 - Five officers fired at homicide suspect during deadly chase through Las Vegas, police say

2023-12-30 - 'Mean and nasty — and personal': Here's how MPs took insults to a new low in 2023

2023-12-30 - Bacteria from 13,000 years ago is helping scientists understand climate change today

2023-12-30 - New sexual assault charges laid against former Oakville megachurch pastor Bruxy Cavey

2023-12-30 - Where's my car? Auto theft a hot-button issue across Ontario in 2023

2023-12-30 - Police believe B.C. man's 21 drunk driving convictions most in Canadian history

2023-12-30 - 'It really has rocked us': Ottawa teens dead after fall through ice from same school

2023-12-30 - Floatplane that crashed in N.W.T. was chartered to help with winter roads, TSB says

2023-12-30 - Maine's deadliest shooting propels homicides to new high in the state

2023-12-30 - Trump is blocked from the GOP primary ballot in two states. Can he still run for president?

2023-12-30 - Trump ballot decision leads Maine lawmaker to call for impeachment of top state election official

2023-12-30 - States set to enact new laws on guns, pornography, taxes and even fuzzy dice

2023-12-30 - St-Onge wants CBC role redefined before next election, possible change of government

2023-12-30 - Canadians are losing faith in the economy — and it's affecting their perception of inequality

2023-12-30 - Charlie Brown, Frosty and other ‘anti-heroes’ of TV specials: How holiday soundtracks inspire hope for a little more love

2023-12-29 - Spooky favourite ‘The ‘X’ Zone’ returns to Niagara radio

2023-12-29 - ‘Our collaboration saves lives’: Niagara HELPS program works with the homeless

2023-12-29 - Professors express concern over Palestine panel hosted by Brock presidential committee

2023-12-29 - Welland's big bang mystery: Explosive sound and orange flash startle residents Wednesday night

2023-12-29 - Woman banned from Shoppers Drug Marts across the province following Niagara theft conviction

2023-12-29 - Hamilton man 'ejected' through windshield in fatal crash with HSR bus: police

2023-12-29 - Top stories of 2023 on

2023-12-29 - Drugs, feces and ‘intercourse in plain public view in our downtown area,’ St. Catharines mayor says

2023-12-29 - Politicization of overdose crisis is 'selfish politics,' drug expert says

2023-12-29 - NDP's Jagmeet Singh rules out coalition government with Liberals after next election

2023-12-29 - US announces new weapons package for Ukraine, as funds dwindle and Congress is stalled on aid bill

2023-12-29 - Mexico says a drug cartel kidnapped 14 people from towns where angry residents killed 10 gunmen

2023-12-29 - This Mountie helped dismantle a suspected labour trafficking ring. Now he’s accused of starting his own

2023-12-29 - Comedian Tom Smothers, one-half of the Smothers Brothers, dies at 86

2023-12-29 - The secret life of gift cards: Here's what happens to the billions that go unspent each year

2023-12-29 - 14-year-old B.C. boy riding lawnmower dies after crash with pickup truck

2023-12-29 - Homicide investigation launched after body of 35-year-old found in Chilliwack, B.C.

2023-12-29 - Why flights between Newfoundland and Europe have Labrador Inuit shaking their heads

2023-12-29 - Three dead in head-on crash on B.C. Interior highway north of Kamloops

2023-12-29 - Car theft suspect jumps in Lake Ontario, hides in pipe before arrest: police

2023-12-29 - Century-old heat records fall in B.C. as weather system brings warmth and wind

2023-12-29 - Ontario developer fined, ordered to pay restitution for illegally selling homes

2023-12-29 - Montreal man seeks to launch class action over cantaloupe salmonella outbreak

2023-12-29 - Christmas baby for endangered southern resident killer whales

2023-12-29 - Police in Victoria, B.C., seek convicted murderer for breaching parole

2023-12-29 - Alleged thief arrested with 34 winter coats on SkyTrain in Vancouver

2023-12-29 - On Christmas Day, the work went on for overdose prevention society in Vancouver

2023-12-29 - George Stroumboulopoulos, NYT journalist, dairy CEO among 78 named to Order of Canada

2023-12-29 - Wine, crime and support for local issues among top priorities for Niagara Falls MP

2023-12-29 - Quebec students forbidden from using cellphones in classrooms after winter break

2023-12-29 - Occupancy rates surging at Quebec emergency rooms after dropping earlier this month

2023-12-29 - Charlie Brown, Frosty and other ‘anti-heroes’ of TV specials: How holiday soundtracks inspire hope for a little more love

2023-12-29 - Spooky favourite ‘The ‘X’ Zone’ returns to Niagara radio

2023-12-28 - Violent bar attack in St. Catharines leads to four arrests

2023-12-28 - Car hydroplanes, crashes into tree off Hwy. 58: OPP

2023-12-28 - Welland man charged, police say gun found in stolen truck near Fergus

2023-12-28 - Thirsty Kitchener thief banned from all LCBO stores

2023-12-28 - Politicization of overdose crisis is 'selfish politics,' drug expert says

2023-12-28 - Prime Video makes changes as it sets launch date for showing ads in Canada

2023-12-28 - Two-way where? More Hamilton one-way streets will be converted to bidirectional traffic

2023-12-28 - Northlander trains are poised to make a return -- and will offer travel to cottage country and beyond. Here's what you need to know

2023-12-28 - Affordable mental health care offered to Ontarians quitting therapy due to cost

2023-12-28 - It's almost 2024, so why are workers still struggling to get mental health accommodations at work?

2023-12-28 - Peel police probe potential link between Quebec gold seizure and gold heist at Pearson

2023-12-28 - Trapped in his crashed truck, an Indiana man is rescued after 6 days surviving on rainwater

2023-12-28 - Trump says he didn't know his immigration rhetoric echoes Hitler. That's part of a broader pattern

2023-12-28 - China reaffirms its military threats against Taiwan weeks before the island's presidential election

2023-12-28 - A long-overlooked climate solution, geothermal could be in for its hottest decade yet

2023-12-28 - Comedian Tom Smothers, one-half of the Smothers Brothers, dies at 86

2023-12-27 - Niagara needs to define problems it hopes to resolve before considering amalgamations: Siegel

2023-12-27 - s Boxing Day still the biggest shopping extravaganza of the year in Niagara?

2023-12-27 - Tribunal hits Hamilton developer Harry Stinson with hefty sanctions over Buffalo hotel project

2023-12-27 - Suspects sought after bag with $5,000 in cash allegedly taken in Welland Walmart

2023-12-27 - Three arrests during festive RIDE campaign in Niagara

2023-12-27 - One dead in Jolley Cut crash

2023-23-27 - Volunteers serve up holiday feasts across Niagara on Christmas Day

2023-12-27 - A 6-year-old boy traveling alone for Christmas was put on the wrong Spirit flight

2023-12-27 - Alberta family of three reported missing on Christmas found dead: RCMP

2023-12-27 - Ambulance crews in Ontario continue to face hours-long waits in crowded emergency departments

2023-12-27 - Quebec students forbidden from using cellphones in classrooms after winter break

2023-12-27 - 'It feels like an industrial park': The CEO of Exhibition Place wants to make it more inviting with a promenade and food hall

2023-12-27 - Israeli military says Gaza ground offensive has expanded into urban refugee camps

2023-12-27 - When will interest rates finally start coming down? Markets expect at least one cut by April or June

2023-12-27 - Biden orders strikes on an Iranian-aligned group after 3 US troops wounded in drone attack in Iraq

2023-12-27 - Want to see Doug Ford and Pierre Poilievre lose? Then the left needs to get its act together

2023-12-27 - Volunteers continue search for Winnipeg senior with dementia

2023-12-27 - Search for girl who fell into Quebec river now a recovery mission as it enters Day 5

2023-12-27 - RCMP looking for family last seen on side-by-side vehicle northwest of Edmonton

2023-12-27 - A long-overlooked climate solution, geothermal could be in for its hottest decade yet

2023-12-27 - These five Canadian business leaders are set to shake things up in 2024

2023-12-27 - Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka split after 7 years together, dancer confirms

2023-12-26 - Volunteers serve up holiday feasts across Niagara on Christmas Day

2023-12-26 - After four years and seven separate murder charges, no one yet convicted in Brantford couple's death

2023-12-26 - 16 must-visit holiday events to check out across Ontario before the festive season officially ends

2023-12-26 - A year later: Looking back on south Niagara's 'generational' Christmas blizzard

2023-12-26 - Police go viral for mock Christmas Eve press conference

2023-12-26 - Affordability remains top priority for St. Catharines MPP

2023-12-26 - 'I never give up. I don't go away': Gates reflects on successes for 2023, plans for 2024

2023-12-26 - 13-year-old boy dies after Christmas Eve collision involving off-road vehicle

2023-12-26 - Holiday travel is mostly nice, but with some naughty disruptions again on Southwest Airlines

2023-12-26 - Pope Francis denounces the weapons industry as he makes a Christmas appeal for peace in the world

2023-12-26 - Prison sentence 'not enough' for family of slain Hamilton man Jed Anger Jr.

2023-12-26 - In Christmas message, Trudeau urges Canadians to find strength in differences

2023-12-26 - Rally outside Pen Centre in St. Catharines calls for stronger stance to end Israel, Hamas conflict

2023-12-24 - Niagara Falls expecting 'giant turnout' for NYE even without marquee outdoor concert

203-12-24 - More than 1,000 impaired driving charges laid in Ontario since start of holiday RIDE campaign: OPP

2023-12-24 - Armed suspect injured by bystanders during alleged break in at St. Catharines home

2023-12-24 - Christmas day in Niagara like 'night and day' from last year

20212-24 - Where's Santa? Norad Santa Tracker Operations Center opens on Christmas Eve at 6 a.m.

2023-12-24 - St. Catharines' Dec. 24 forecast: Periods of drizzle

2023-12-24 - What’s open and closed in Niagara over the holidays?

2023-12-24 - From farmhouse to bungalow, couple finds just the right home for retirement years

2023-12-24 - Arrest made in case where woman was allegedly beaten, tied and left in dumpster

2023-12-24 - On Christmas Eve, Bethlehem resembles a ghost town. Celebrations are halted due to Israel-Hamas war.

2023-12-24 - Rising prices, shrinking libraries: How streaming TV is shaking down in Canada

2023-12-24 - Creeping price points: A look at the rising cost of Canada's streaming TV services

2023-12-24 - Alabama woman with rare double uterus gives birth to two children

2023-12-24 - 'Turkey coma' myth busted

2023-12-24 - Baby boom of 59 pups helps endangered Vancouver Island marmot toward recovery

2023-12-24 - New Year's money resolutions you must make — and how financial pros keep on top of goals

2023-12-24 - Can New York City, possibly the most Christmasy place on Earth, warm the heart of a yuletide cynic like me?

2023-12-23 - Business as usual at Niagara urgent care centres during the holidays

2023-12-23 - Appeal by former teacher, a Niagara man convicted of child-sex charges, dismissed

2023-12-23 - Motorist placed under house arrest in connection with horrific highway crash

2023-12-23 - Four year sentence for 61-year-old who sexually assaulted teen at Niagara hotel

2023-12-23 - Some manufacturers are intentionally making appliances and electronics more expensive to repair — here's why that might be about to change

2023-12-23 - What’s open and closed in Niagara over the holidays?

2023-12-23 - Why Doug Ford's gingerbread house-making Christmas video is drawing swift reactions online

2023-12-23 - How police got DNA evidence for two cold-case sex-assault murders from a suspect in a remote northern town

2023-12-23 - Justin Trudeau vowed to end boil water advisories in Indigenous communities. But a new plan to address that is under fire

2023-12-23 - Man sentenced to 8.5 years for fatal stabbing of girlfriend

2023-12-23 - Rising prices, shrinking libraries: How streaming TV is shaking down in Canada

2023-12-23 - Creeping price points: A look at the rising cost of Canada's streaming TV services

2023-12-23 - OPP denounced for detaining Guelph reporter

2023-12-23 - Supreme Court rejects prosecutor's push to fast-track ruling in Trump election subversion case

2023-12-23 - Rural communities ‘suffering from the lack of health-care services,’ Niagara Falls MPP tells Fort Erie council

2023-12-23 - Canada recalls 45 brands of popular energy drinks over 'unsafe' caffeine content

2023-12-23 - Pacific storm dumps heavy rains, unleashes flooding in 2 California coastal cities

2023-12-23 - Contrary to politicians' claims, offshore wind farms don't kill whales. Here's what to know.

2023-12-23 - GDP flat for third straight month in Oct. as economy 'continued to sputter': StatCan

2023-12-23 - Mortgage rates may drop in 2024 — but Re/Max Canada’s head says that may not make houses cheaper

2023-12-23 - Michael J. Fox documentary, Ryan Gosling's 'I'm Just Ken' song shortlisted for Oscar

2023-12-23 - Celine Dion has lost control of her muscles due to illness, says her sister

2023-12-23 - 'Silence is not a solution': LGBTQ+ parliamentarians reflect on polarization, protest

2023-12-23 - Canadian death toll in cantaloupe salmonella outbreak rises to seven

2023-12-23 - New trial ordered for New Brunswick men convicted of murder in 1984

2023-12-23 - RCMP union seeks boost to cadet training allowance to compete with other forces

2023-12-23 - Toronto-area shelters full of homeless refugee claimants

2023-12-23 - Ontario Provincial Police investigating alleged homicide at long-term care home

2023-12-23 - Where's Santa? Norad Santa Tracker Operations Center opens on Christmas Eve at 6

2023-12-23 - Christmas day in Niagara like 'night and day' from last year

2023-12-23 - Niagara Falls teens brighten up day of lonely older folks with customized cards for Christmas

2023-12-23 - Inmate dies at Matsqui Institution in Abbotsford, B.C.

2023-012-23 - RCMP in Richmond, B.C., investigating after two restaurant shootings in past week

2023-12-23 - 'Slap in the face': Images of Canadian child abuse victims training AI generators

2023-12-23 - Is Canada's fleet of water bombers fit for climate-change fuelled wildfires?

2023-12-23 - Toronto police officer arrested and charged with assault, force says

2023-12-23 - Toronto police warn people participating in upcoming demonstrations to follow the law

2023-12-23 - Power still out for thousands as stormy weather persists in parts of Atlantic Canada

2023-12-23 - For years, he couldn't donate at the blood center where he worked. Under new FDA rules, now he can

2023-12-22 - Everything you need to know about the red-light cameras coming to selected Niagara intersections in January

2023-12-22 - More charges, second arrest in St. Catharines shooting

2023-12-22 - Conditional sentence for Brampton man who participated in Niagara mall heist

2023-12-22 - 'Simple greed' led St. Catharines woman to steal more than $21,000 from employer: judge

2023-12-22 - NRP notes uptick in 'grandparent scams' in St. Catharines

2023-12-22 - Only 26 per cent of Canadians could afford a single-family home right now, report finds

2023-12-22 - Handgun, drugs seized in St. Catharines investigation: NRP

2023-12-22 - Canada faces green Christmas as El Nino follows warm summer, head climatologist says

2023-12-22 - Justin Trudeau criticizes Toronto Sun newspaper over 'antisemitic content'

2023-12-22 - Ottawa opens door to Canadians' relatives in Gaza

2023-12-22 - She fought off online attacks as the face of Canada's COVID-19 response. Now, Theresa Tam reveals just what kind of toll that took on her

2023-12-23 - Trump transformed the Supreme Court. Now the justices could decide his political and legal future

2023-12-22 - What is Elf on the Shelf? Here's what you need to know about the Christmas tradition

2023-12-22 - Colombia will try to raise objects from a 1708 shipwreck believed to have a cargo worth billions

2023-12-22 - More charges, second arrest in St. Catharines shooting

2023-12-22 - Vintage gun for teacher's presentation triggers police lockdown at Vancouver school

2023-12-22 - A 'watershed year' for Canada-U.S. relations, but guess who's lurking in the wings?

2023-12-22 - Freeland approves RBC's $13.5-billion takeover of HSBC Canada with conditions

2023-12-22 - Canada learned lessons from Trump's first term — and vice versa, says ambassador

2023-12-22 - Yes Virginia, a Christmas movie is shooting here during the holiday season

2023-12-22 - The five best science fiction books of 2023

2023-12-22 - Working retail? Divorce? When the holiday season gets you down, these are the books to turn to

2023-12-21 - Niagara Falls girls escape burning house thanks to rehearsed home escape plan

2023-12-21 - Christmas brings scarred survivors, including St. Catharines siblings, together at Hamilton General burn unit

2023-12-21 - Wise Guys offering grants for non-profit community projects

2023-12-21 - NRP SUV en route to emergency call struck by car in St. Catharines

2023-12-21 - NRP investigate truck and trailer theft in Welland

2023-12-21 - Cargo handling and storage coming to Thorold Multimodal Hub

2023-12-21 - Niagara community serving up warmth and joy with holiday meals

2023-12-21 - A deal on US border policy is closer than it seems. Here's how it is shaping up and what's at stake

2023-12-21 - 'There's a lot of fear.' Ontario condo leaders call for safety changes to protect board members

2023-12-21 - One dead, six in hospital after carbon monoxide leak in Kitchener

2023-12-21 - Metro accuses Loblaw of falsely implicating it in bread price-fixing scheme

2023-12-21 - ‘Toronto’s Joker’: The search for the fugitive with ‘every single tattoo on his face’

2023-12-21 - The checkered history of the poinsettia's namesake and the flower's origins get new attention

2023-12-21 - Woman, 72, uses shovel to chase naked intruder from her Vancouver home, police say

2023-12-21 - Man seriously injured in Fort Erie ATV collision

2023-12-21 - Woman found dead under 'suspicious circumstance' at Metro Vancouver home

2023-12-21 - Need for housing and housing supports in City of Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton County at 'a critical level': A Place Called Home

2023-12-21 - Wildfire devastation voted Canadian Press news story of the year

2023-12-2 - New York man who served 37 years in prison for killing 2 men released after conviction overturned

2023-12-20 - Province must take threats to local politicians seriously: Ip

2023-12-20 - Christmas brings scarred survivors, including St. Catharines siblings, together at Hamilton General burn unit

2023-12-20 - Shooting in St. Catharines leads to 18-year-old's arrest

2023-12-20 - 'There's a lot of fear.' Ontario condo leaders call for safety changes to protect board members

2023-12-20 - Time served for man convicted of possessing obscene material after he violated house arrest order

2023-12-20 - Free GO Transit train rides promoting safe travel on New Year’s Eve

2023-12-20 - Beware costs and logistics of at-home chargers before buying an electric car

2023-12-20 - Group turned away at Mexican holiday party returned with gunmen killing 11, investigators say

2023-12-20 - Mortgage rates are finally dropping as five-year rates fall below 5%

2023-12-20 - Is that Justin Trudeau buying batteries in Canadian Tire?

2023-12-20 - 'Barbaric': Hamilton family on brink of homelessness amid eviction order

2023-12-20 - Food industry groups accuse Galen Weston of inaccurate claim over grocery code

2023-12-20 - Mother of a child punished by a court for urinating in public refuses to sign probation terms

2023-12-20 - Don't let COVID, flu and other illnesses ruin your holidays. Here's how to minimize the risk

2023-12-20 - Donald Trump banned from Colorado ballot in historic ruling by state's Supreme Court

2023-12-20 - Charges laid in 2022 Hamilton townhouse fire that killed four people

2023-12-20 - NRP SUV en route to emergency call struck by car in St. Catharines

2023-12-20 - $90K raised for Community Care West Niagara as Christmas nears

2023-12-20 - Final electric-vehicle mandate to come Tuesday, sales must double by 2026

2023-12-20 - Wildfire devastation voted Canadian Press news story of the year

2023-12-20 - Activists hope pope's approval of same-sex blessings could ease anti-LGBTQ+ bias and repression

2023-12-20 - A look at recent deadly earthquakes in China

2023-12-20 - Guess Who members seek to dismiss lawsuit from Cummings and Bachman

2023-12-20 - If you think everyone seems sick these days, you're not wrong

2023-12-20 - Older women and weight: Why it’s such a heavy issue

2023-12-19 - Niagara Regional Police board wants to keep budget surplus for provincially-mandated military-style rifles


2023-12-19 - Young man dies in St. Catharines crash tied to impaired driving

2023-12-19 - Driver leaves car lot with new BMW and crashes into minivan, Niagara courtroom hears

2023-12-19 - Winter travel advisory in effect in Niagara

2023-12-19 - Drug dealer who fired handgun as police prepared to enter his Niagara-on-the-Lake home nets additional jail time

2023-12-19 - St. Catharines' Dec. 19 forecast: Periods of snow

2023-12-19 Bid to boost tax break for volunteer firefighters as brigades struggle with retention

2023-12-19 - What does it mean to be 'middle-class'? Canadians say it's anywhere from $20K to $150K, new poll finds

2023-12-19 - Love it or hate it, self-checkout is here to stay. But it's going through a reckoning

2023-12-19 - Ontario parents can’t say no to Noah, Olivia remains popular in province’s list of top baby names

2023-12-19 - NRP arrested St. Catharines man on child pornography charges

2023-12-19 - Man arrested after overnight shooting in St. Catharines

2023-12-19  NRP arrest driver during Dec. 16 Festive RIDE check

2023-12-19 - Ottawa youth faces additional charges in alleged terror plot targeting Jewish community

2023-12-19 - 1 in 4 Canadians fear income won't cover basic needs: Salvation Army poll

2023-12-19 - Got the Christmas Blues? Check out these colourful lighting displays

2023-12-19 - Older women and weight: Why it’s such a heavy issue

2023-12-18 - Two people taken to hospital after overnight collision on Burlington Skyway Bridge: OPP

2023-12-18 - The holidays can trigger relapses for people living with addictions

2023-12-18 - Niagara College named top research college in Canada

2023-12-18 - Tim Hortons to revive beloved dutchie, other favourites to mark 60th anniversary

2023-12-18 - 36 days at sea: How these castaways survived hallucinations, thirst and desperation

2023-12-18 - Generation Why Save? Gen-Z choosing experiences over savings as life milestones seem increasingly out of reach

2023-12-18 - OPP roundup: Friend who picked up impaired driver at police station was also over the limit

2023-12-18 - Tenants beware: Ontario's rental control cap may not apply to you. Here's what you need to know

2023-12-18 - Flooding drives millions to move as climate-driven migration patterns emerge

2023-12-18 - What do travellers want in 2024? Industry experts pinpoint the places and interests that are trending for the new year

2023-12-18 - Car plows into parked vehicle in Biden's motorcade outside Delaware campaign headquarters

2023-12-18 - Canada will require all cars to be zero emissions vehicles by 2035

2023-12-18 - MPs are acting out for one reason — and it’s the ugly truth few want to talk about

2023-12-18 - 'Pushed down our throats': Letters detail school pronoun concerns in Saskatchewan

2023-12-18 - Court will hear arguments about injunction to stop Edmonton homeless camp removals

2023-12-18 - Senate border security talks grind on as Trump invokes Nazi-era 'blood' rhetoric against immigrants

2023-12-18 - Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court, to lie in repose

2023-12-18 - 15 suspected drug smugglers killed in clash with Thai soldiers near Myanmar border, officials say

2023-12-18 - Wandering action hero Jack Reacher makes his way to Cayuga

2023-12-17 - A Niagara home made of foam 'just a better way to build'

2023-12-17 - Niagara industry says moving alcohol sales to convenience stores 'good first step'

2023-12-17 - The holidays can trigger relapses for people living with addictions

2023-12-17 - Tenants beware: Ontario's rental control cap may not apply to you. Here's what you need to know

2023-12-17 - 'Full capacity': Niagara hospitals struggle with influx of respiratory cases

2023-12-17 - Ottawa youth facing terrorism charges in alleged plot against Jewish people: RCMP

2023-12-16 - 'Full capacity': Niagara hospitals struggle with influx of respiratory cases

2023-12-16 - Another beluga dies at Marineland, bringing total whale deaths to 15 since 2019

2023-12-16 - Welland man found guilty of sexually assaulting child

2023-12-16 - Arrest made into January gunfire incident at Niagara Falls home

2023-12-16 - Deck the halls: New ways to display poinsettias

2023-12-16 - Matthew Perry died from effects of drug ketamine, coroner says

2023-12-16 - How deadly has COVID been in 2023? Here’s what the Ontario numbers are telling us

2023-12-16 - Trudeau's government sets dollar figures for Google payments to media companies

2023-12-16 - Women are more addicted to their smartphones than men, suggests the world's biggest study on the subject. Here's what you need to know

2023-12-16 - NRP arrest 2 drivers at Niagara Falls RIDE event

2023-12-16 - Men charged with illegal killing of 3,600 birds, including bald and golden eagles to sell

2023-12-16 - Just two houses sold for under $400,000 in Waterloo Region this year. Both were wrecks.

2023-12-16 - CMHC says annual pace of housing starts in Canada down 22% in November

2023-12-15 - Explosion, fire injures man living under downtown Welland bridge

2023-12-15 - Millennials expected to drive growth in Niagara housing market: RE/MAX

2023-12-15 - Police arrest duo, seize $50K in suspected drugs in St. Catharines

2023-12-15 - Police arrest St. Catharines man following stabbing

2023-12-15 - Niagara man installed hidden camera in wife's bathroom

2023-12-15 - Doug Ford unveils plans to allow beer and wine sales in Ontario convenience stores — in two years

2023-12-15 - Senate passes Liberal bill that enshrines handgun freeze, targets ghost guns

2023-12-15 - Industry minister says grocery code of conduct is happening — whether Walmart and Loblaw like it

2023-12-15 - Amazon, Target and more will stop selling water beads marketed to kids due to rising safety concerns

2023-12-15 - Truck driver who caused deadly Broncos crash loses latest bid to stay in Canada

2023-12-15 - Men charged with illegal killing of 3,600 birds, including bald and golden eagles to sell

2023-12-15 - Canadian home sales down in November, average price up from year ago: CREA

2023-12-15 - H&R REIT selling downtown Toronto waterfront property for $232.5 million

2023-12-14 - Arson suspected after tent under Welland's Division Street bridge burns, propane tanks explode

2023-12-14 - Downtown St. Catharines fire caused by lithium-ion batteries: chief

2023-12-14 - Niagara Falls man dies in Hwy. 406 collision in St. Catharines

2023-12-14 - Niagara Parks to redevelop its Fort Erie marina

2023-12-14 - Niagara Grape and Wine Festival revamping Montebello Park weekends

2023-12-14 - NRP arrest 5 after investigation into November assault in Niagara Falls

2023-12-14 - ‘I was so shocked’: Port Colborne woman wins $100K with Instant Moo La La

2023-12-14 - Appeal court upholds dismissal of lawsuit alleging negligence against two Niagara doctors

2023-12-14 - Woman gets 70 years in prison for killing two bicyclists in Michigan charity ride

2024-12-14 - An Australian court overturns a woman's 2-decade-old convictions in the deaths of her 4 children

2023-12-14 - Doug Ford to announce plans to allow beer and wine sales in Ontario convenience stores

2023-12-14 - Brantford woman pleads guilty in provincewide ‘doula fraud’

2023-12-14 - Industry minister says grocery code of conduct is happening — whether Walmart and Loblaw like it or not

2023-12-14 - Gunman guilty in assassination of Toronto organized crime figure Dobroslav (Bobby) Manchev

2023-12-14 - Police investigating Barry and Honey Sherman’s murders accepted odd limits sought by executors

2023-12-14 - Will there be snow on Christmas Day in Ontario? Here’s what the ‘Old Farmer’s Almanac’ predicts

2023-12-14 - House approves impeachment inquiry into President Biden as Republicans rally behind investigation

2023-12-14 - Police arrest St. Catharines man for alleged stabbing

2023-12-14 - Murdered girl's dad brought gun to court, say Ibrahim Ali's lawyers

2023-12-14 - Japan, UK and Italy formally establish a joint body to develop a new advanced fighter jet

2023-12-14 - Statistics Canada reports manufacturing sales down 2.8% in October

2023-12-13 - Third Marineland beluga that moved to U.S. aquarium dies

2023-12-13 - St. Catharines city council poised to allow more residential units on neighbourhood lots

2023-12-13 - Niagara’s COVID-19 death toll increases due to addition of cases dating back to January 2020

2023-12-13 - Pets perish in weekend house fire in Wainfleet

2023-12-13 - Convicted Niagara sex offender who 'blatantly' violated court order should be returned to jail, court hears

2023-12-13 - Four men caught crossing Canada-U. S. border into Manitoba, one taken to hospital

2023-12-13 - The Liberals are reviving a WWII plan to ease the housing crisis. Here's what that means

2023-12-13 - Don't call it insurance: What dentists want you to know about the federal dental plan

2023-12-13 - Doug Ford will expand booze sales to big-box stores, gas stations: Sources

2023-12-13 - After record year, unreliable weather pushes maple syrup production to five-year low

2023-12-13 - Ottawa to launch pre-approved home design catalogue, bring back post-war effort

2023-12-13 - Police and customs seize live animals, horns and ivory in global wildlife trafficking operation

2023-12-13 - Negative amortizations decline as more Canadian homeowners forced to sell or make higher mortgage payments

2023-12-13 - The rules for real estate bidding wars in Ontario have just changed. Here's what you need to know

2023-12-09 - Two Ontario men, one from Niagara, face neo-Nazi linked terror and hate propaganda charges

2023-12-09 - 24-year-old St. Catharines woman wins $77,777

2023-12-09 - Real Christmas tree tradition continues for many Niagara families

2023-12-09 - Holiday Smile Cookie purchases support women fleeing abuse, hungry families

2023-12-09 - Peterborough Volkswagen employee held at gunpoint before suspect drank anti-freeze: SIU says

2023-12-09 - At least two ServiceOntario employees linked to car theft ring worked at privatized Scarborough outlet, investigator says

2023-12-09 - Two successful expats were drawn to this picturesque Caribbean island. Now one is dead, along with his partner, and the other faces murder charges. Here's what we know

2023-12-09 - 'A warmer December': Low-pressure systems bring double-digit temperatures to Hamilton

2023-12-09 - The end of The Beer Store? I’ll drink to that

2023-12-09 - Fossil from Alberta badlands finds prey inside the stomach of young tyrannosaur

2023-12-09 - Quebec man arrested in killing of child at home daycare northeast of Montreal

2023-12-09 - One-armed baboon escapes Latchford home, bites local resident

2023-12-09 - Over 3 million Canadian adults have experienced long COVID symptoms, latest StatsCan data shows

2023-12-09 - Woman dies after officers shoot and use stun gun on her, Edmonton police say

2023-12-08 - Man in critical condition following overnight fire in downtown St. Catharines

2023-12-08 - Ontario hospitals asked patients about the care they received. Results were kept secret — and pleas for change went ignored

2023-12-08 - Good Samaritan in St. Catharines uses broom to fight off knife-wielding woman

2023-12-08 - St. Catharines dispatchers now handling calls for 27 municipalities

2023-12-08 - 'Do you realize one kick in the head could have killed him?' Probation for Niagara teen involved in swarming

2023-12-08 - Life expectancy of homeless population in Niagara region lower than average

2023-12-08 - Young passenger paralyzed following 2022 Canada Day crash in Wainfleet, court hears

2023-12-08 - 2024 to bring slower food inflation as prices continue to moderate: report

2023-12-08 - CBC head Catherine Tait summoned to committee over job cuts, executive bonuses

2023-12-08 - 'Milk'-like tap water, bugs and unexplained holes in the wall — Students at Mac's newest residence demand action

2023-12-08 - Flight safety oversight in Canada plummets, draft UN agency report finds

2023-12-08 - 'Crossed my line': Calgary traffic reporter goes viral after response to body comment

2023-12-08 - Deaths from tainted cantaloupe increase to 3 in U.S. and 5 in Canada

2023-12-08 - Hospitals plagued by staff shortages and ER closures under Ford government, auditor general finds

2023-12-08 - MPs urge government to get serious about tracking logging emissions

2023-12-08 - Cyber attacks likely during next Canada's next federal election campaign, report warns

2023-12-08 - Calgary mayor says she didn't attend Hanukkah ceremony because it was too political

2023-12-08 - Japan's leader grilled in parliament over widening fundraising scandal, link to Unification Church

2023-12-08 - US Sen. Kevin Cramer's son charged with manslaughter in crash that killed North Dakota deputy

2023-12-08 - Asteroid will pass in front of bright star Betelgeuse to produce a rare eclipse visible to millions

2023-12-08 - Roughly half of first-time buyers likely to use first home savings account: BMO poll

2023-12-07 - Man dead after being struck by GO train in St. Catharines

2023-12-07 - Woman in life-threatening condition following Chippawa house fire

2023-12-07 - Guns, drugs and booze — southern Ontario border seizures up this year

2023-12-07 - Theft toll tripled: $300K in goods stolen from Niagara Falls memorabilia store

2023-12-07 - Pelham residents ask council to address odour from cannabis facility

2023-12-07 - NRP make second arrest in October 2022 Fort Erie shooting

2023-12-07 - Welland man faces weapons charge after barricading self in a house

2023-12-07 - A nurse's fatal last visit to patient's home renews calls for better safety measures

2023-12-07 - Number of Canadians with disabilities doubles in 10 years, hits 8 million: StatCan

2023-12-07 - 'Verify the legitimacy': Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre warning of 12 holiday Christmas scams

2023-12-07 - Where in the world is Santa now?: Track him with NORAD Santa Tracker and countdown to Christmas

2023-12-07 - Holiday spending expected to decline

2023-12-07 - ‘Wonderful show’: Ontario getting one of the year's best meteor showers Dec. 13-14 and here's what residents should know about viewing times

2023-12-07 - A young nurse suffered cardiac arrest while training on the condition. Fellow nurses saved her life

2023-12-07 - A sea otter pup found alone in Alaska has a new home at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium

2023-12-07 - Christmas layoffs: Why it seems more companies are making job cuts near the holidays

2023-12-06 - 'Conscious sale of poison for profit,' judge says of duo that trafficked drugs in Niagara

2023-12-06 - Police arrest four suspects in Niagara Falls stabbing

2023-12-06 - Niagara drug investigation leads to 9 arrests

2023-12-06 - 'I'm late for the party': 18-year-old driver charged with speeding after reportedly going 199 km/h

2023-12-06 - Montreal mayor 'out of danger' after health scare during press conference

2023-12-06 - Court says Burlington punk rocker owes creditors $40 million

2023-12-06 - Toronto cop and public servant sentenced to seven years in prison for stealing dead man's $834,000 estate

2023-12-06 - ‘Wonderful show’: Ontario getting one of the year's best meteor showers Dec. 13-14 and here's what residents should know about viewing times

2023-12-06 - Watch: Durham police bodycam footage of officers catching escaped kangaroo

2023-12-06 - Older adults in Canada more likely to experience loneliness — and it has serious impacts on their health

2023-12-06 - Holiday spending expected to decline

2023-12-06 - Welland traffic stop leads to trio of arrests on drug charges

2023-12-06 - Demands for Speaker to resign after he appears in Liberal tribute video

2023-12-06 - Handcuffed and sent to the ER – for misbehavior: Schools are sending more kids to the hospital

2023-12-06 - Would your relationship pass the viral 'orange peel' test?

2023-12-05 - Step Into The Mysterious World Of New England, Where Shadows Dance And Spirits Linger on The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell on Classic 1220

2023-12-05 - Niagara police board trims $2M from 2024 spending hike

2023-12-05 - 'He lifted up the industry': Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Château des Charmes announces death of founder Paul Bosc

2023-12-05 - Paul Bernardo is a 'psychopath' who belongs in maximum-security prison, victims' lawyer tells House committee

2023-12-05 - A Niagara Christmas concert hits the stage this week

2023-12-05 - Demands for Speaker to resign after he appears in Liberal tribute video

2023-12-05 - COVID-19 and flu set to peak over holiday season in Ontario; Moore urges vaccinations

2023-12-05 - Ontario to ban puppy mills, introduces legislation to curb 'bad actors'

2023-12-05 - CBC and Radio-Canada to cut 600 jobs

2023-12-05 - Escaped kangaroo found safe after days on the run. Officials are now asking why it was in Oshawa in the first place

2023-12-05 - ‘There were so many similarities’ lawyer says of Kingston encampment court hearing

2023-12-05 - Rolling into retirement. As inflation and mortgage rates rise, more retirees may be forced to sell — and hit the road

2023-12-05 - Candlelight stroll in Port Dalhousie this weekend

2023-12-05 - ‘People are dying on the streets’: Gates demands action on affordability crisis

2023-12-05 - A Niagara Christmas concert hits the stage this week

2023-12-05 - Older adults in Canada more likely to experience loneliness — and it has serious impacts on their health

2023-12-05 - Recordings show how the Mormon church protects itself from child sex abuse claims

2023-12-03 - ‘A slap in the face’: Doug Ford pledged to fix autism wait times but families are waiting longer — and losing hope

2023-12-03 - Tugboat Santa, Let it Glow headline weekend list of things to do

2023-12-03 - Growing Your Garden: Christmas at McFarland House — a Niagara tradition

2023-12-03 - They spend all day alone — in a chair. Some seniors are aging at home so quietly few know they exist

2023-12-03 - Worker who died months after incident at Stelco’s Lake Erie Works ‘loved with an unconditional, fierce heart’

2023-12-03 - Families’ unwavering belief in Red Hill Valley Parkway safety concerns vindicated

2023-12-03 - Peterborough man accused of killing 2-month-old will have a preliminary hearing in April 2024

2023-12-03 - Search continues for loose kangaroo in Oshawa after it escaped during pit stop at local zoo

2023-12-03 - Holiday spirit brings cheer to downtown Ridgeway

2023-12-03 - St. Catharines, Niagara-on-the-Lake offering free holiday parking

2023-12-03 - Doug Ford accuses ‘extremist’ federal environment minister of stalling Highway 413 project

2023-12-03 - Raccoon dog? Bamboo rat? Lab leak? Four years after first COVID case in China, science is providing new clues to the virus’s origins

2023-12-03 - US military affirms it will end live-fire training in Hawaii's Makua Valley

2023-12-03 - Elegy for a Poodle: How the death of a family pet inspires a must-read essay on life, connection and beauty

2023-12-03 - How 'forced financing' makes some car dealerships more money

2023-12-02 - Homeless population prepares for snow as winter rolls into Niagara

2023-12-02 - Teen to be sentenced in relation to stabbing in Pelham

2023-12-02 - Failing grade given to Niagara public school board's early graduation date

2023-12-02 - Marijuana discovered in shipment of toys at Niagara border crossing

2023-12-02 - 'I'm in absolute shock': Thieves nab $100,000 worth of goods from Niagara Falls autograph store

2023-12-02 - St. Catharines seeks input on next three years of tax increases

2023-12-03 - In their own words: What happened when a Niagara cop shot another during a dispute that started over a bathroom break

2023-12-02 - Police say woman faces murder charge in death of 48-year-old Cape Breton woman

2023-12-02 - Community shows ‘so much love’ after Niagara-on-the-Lake man severely hurt on the job

2023-12-02 - Motorist who caused horrific Hwy. 140 crash sentenced to 30 months behind bars

2023-12-02 - MPs are acting out for one reason — and it’s the ugly truth few want to talk about

2023-12-02 - Hamilton at risk of losing nearly 200 long-term care beds when home closes instead of expands

2023-12-02 - A 'predator' at CSIS: Officers allege rape, harassment and a toxic workplace culture

2023-12-02 - Person believed to be behind bogus bomb threats in Ontario arrested in Morocco: OPP

2023-12-02 - 'No one will be turned away': 988 suicide crisis helpline launches across Canada

2023-12-02 - Nearly 1 kg of drugs seized in St. Catharines: NRP

2023-12-02 - Montreal youth facing trial for double murder arrested in jail for two other killings

2023-12-02 - B.C. urges people to prepare for atmospheric river bearing down on south coast

2023-12-02 - Flu season has officially started in Canada, public health agency says

2023-12-02 - Police charge director of Miss Nicaragua pageant with running 'beauty queen coup' plot

2023-12-02 - Police raid Moscow gay bars after a Supreme Court ruling labeled LGBTQ+ movement 'extremist'

2023-12-02 - Calgary sees another home sales gain in November as prices jump nearly 11%

2023-12-02 - Let them eat Versace bags? Jagmeet Singh is known for his style, but he misjudged this sartorial move

2023-12-02 - Investors now own more than 50% of Toronto’s new condos — and experts say they’re driving up housing prices for everyone

2023-12-02 - Toronto home prices expected to drop next year — but the condo market will bounce back, report predicts

2023-12-02 - Sales of newly built GTA condos at 10-year low for October: ‘It’s a sluggish, flat market’

2023-11-29 - It all started over a bathroom break: It’s been five years since Niagara cops went face-to-face in shooting

2023-11-29 - One person in critical condition, two others rescued from St. Catharines boarding house fire

2023-11-29 - Suspended Hamilton lawyer — connected to criminal fraud investigation with a St. Catharines victim — asks to practice again

2023-11-29 - Man dead following shooting in Grimsby; police investigating Niagara's eighth homicide of 2023

2023-11-29 - The tenant thought the man didn’t belong in the apartment building and gave him a ‘modest push’ to stop him. The senior fell, sustained a brain hemorrhage and died five days later.

2023-11-29 - Man who fired BB gun at Welland teens to learn fate in new year

2023-11-29 - All-Canadian EV Arrow 2.0 set to take flight with new prototype to pitch to the world

2023-11-29 - Ontario has a road salt addiction. And it’s turning our rivers and lakes into saltwater, experts say

2023-11-29 - Home prices are dropping in Ontario’s ski country — but they won’t stay down for long, Royal LePage says

2023-11-29 - Growing number of homeless people turning to ERs for shelter and warmth, study says

2023-11-29 - Christmas lights to get Stevensville into the holiday spirit

2023-11-29 - Victorian holiday traditions to come alive at Ball’s Falls Conservation Area

2023-11-29 - Strength through compassion: Grimsby's McNally House bereavement programs provide crucial service

2023-11-29 - Police say officer shot man after a vehicle tried to evade a traffic stop

2023-11-29 - Three in four Canadians say higher immigration is worsening housing crisis: poll

2023-11-29 - El Niño brings a warm start to winter, but that could change: Weather Network

2023-11-29 - Tortoise Frank the Tank, found wandering bok choy field, gets a new home in B.C.

2023-11-29 - Saskatchewan seniors home afflicted by drug use, vandalism

2023-11-29 - Sales of newly built GTA condos at 10-year low for October: ‘It’s a sluggish, flat market’

2023-11-29 - Ontario nixes cities' ask to allow more of them to get housing infrastructure money

2023-11-28 - Food bank need rises in Niagara as wages stagnate

2023-11-28 - Niagara hospitals mitigating surge of influenza, COVID-19, RSV infections

2023-11-28 - 'Absolutely no talk' of moving Paul Bernardo to minimum security: corrections head

2023-11-28 - Trial to begin for man arrested in wake of St. Catharines pandemic lockdown rally

2023-11-28 - No, Niagara Health is not calling for your social insurance number

2023-11-28 - Be a Santa to a Senior brings Christmas joy to lonely older adults in Niagara

2023-11-28 - Wainfleet man killed in truck rollover

2023-11-28 - Ontario getting its first major snowfall of the season as some parts could see up to 35 cm of snow

2023-11-28 - Thousands of Canada’s permanent residents are afraid to leave the country. Here’s why

2023-11-28 - ‘Inflation isolation’: Half of Ontarians are staying home and socializing less to save money, survey finds

2023-11-28 - Life expectancy for Canadians fell in 2022 for third year in a row, says StatCan

2023-11-28 - Medical care being delivered by phone and video is safe, concludes McMaster research

2023-11-28 - Trump hints at expanded role for the military within the US. A legacy law gives him few guardrails

2023-11-28 - These companies have laid off Canadian workers in 2023

2023-11-28 - I no longer qualify for a mortgage on my pre-construction property. What are my options?

2023-11-28 - Home Decorators Collection artificial Christmas tree recalled over fire risk

2023-11-25 - Niagara region councillors, police clash over 2024 budget increase

2023-11-25 - Police identify American couple killed in fiery Rainbow Bridge crash

2023-11-25 - Niagara police face backlog of child pornography investigations

2023-11-25 - Santa parades and tree lightings top Niagara’s weekend things to do

2023-11-25 - Two Niagara men await sentencing on human trafficking-related charges

2023-11-25 - Police chief critical of social media posts following border incident

2023-11-25 - Ex-officer Derek Chauvin, convicted in George Floyd's killing, stabbed in prison, AP source says

2023-11-25 - ‘The oil and gas industry is facing a moment of truth’: Carbon capture won’t work, says International Energy Agency

2023-11-25 - Durham police set up a fake ad offering sex with minors. It got 6,678 views in four days

2023-11-25 - GTA doctor who touched patients’ genitals during exams for depression, migraine and pink eye is sentenced to nine years for sex assault

2023-11-25 - ‘Let them eat as much as they want.’ Big Sugar sponsors dietitians’ favourable posts on social media. Experts say Canadian regulators need to intervene

2023-11-25 - Country Christmas Store in Pelham spreads holiday cheer

2023-11-25 - Canada’s invasive ‘super pig’ population is set to explode. Should Ontario be worried?

2023-11-25 - Quebec woman, 61, killed hours after police called to her home, suspect arrested

2023-11-25 - Andrew Cuomo accused of sexual harassment by former aide in new legal filing

2023-11-25 - FBI ends investigation of car wreck at Niagara Falls bridge, no indication of terrorism

2023-11-25 - Mastermind Toys granted creditor protection, wants permission to close some stores

2023-11-25 - Worried about paranormal activity in your new home? Meet Toronto’s only psychic licensed realtor

2023-11-24 - Spooky favourite ‘The ‘X’ Zone’ returns to Niagara radio

2023-11-24 - Niagara’s Walker Industries launches largest renewable natural gas from landfill project in Ontario

2023-11-24 - Police chief critical of social media posts following border incident

2023-11-24 - ‘It felt like an earthquake’: Husband, wife dead as Rainbow Bridge blast causes chaos but terrorism fears subside

2023-11-24 - Rainbow Bridge expected to reopen day after fiery vehicle crash

2023-11-24 - No ‘silver bullet’ to solve homelessness or affordable housing

2023-11-24 - Hospital Spotlight: Service dog proves to be this man’s best friend during visit to Niagara emergency department

2023-11-24 - Patients languish on wait lists while ORs sit empty, Ontario Health Coalition claims

2023-11-24 - Burnout leaves Hamilton public health with staffing crisis

2023-11-24 - Walmart shooter who injured 4 in Ohio may have been motivated by racial extremism, FBI says

2023-11-24 - Doug Ford government’s sudden reversal on boundary expansion leaves municipalities scrambling

2023-11-24 - Toronto Pearson warning travellers that inclement weather causing flight delays in U.S.

2023-11-24 - $35K worth of suspected drugs seized in Niagara Falls investigation

2023-11-24 - Batman folder, Chinese diplomats and nixed charges: what the Ortis jury didn't hear

2023-11-24 - No evidence to support conspiracy between 'Freedom Convoy' organizers: defence

2023-11-24 - Richmond, B.C., man faces multiple charges in $10M cryptocurrency home invasion theft

2023-11-24 - Nova Scotia to use new radiotherapy technology in cancer treatment

2023-11-24 - Timekeepers no more, rank-and-file Jehovah's Witnesses say goodbye to tracking proselytizing hours

2023-11-23 - ‘I’m just grateful to be safe’: Visitors, including Americans caught in Canada after blast at Rainbow Bridge, pivot their plans

2023-11-23 - Terrorism ruled out in deadly explosion at Rainbow Bridge

2023-11-23 - No ‘silver bullet’ to solve homelessness or affordable housing

2023-11-23 - ‘I miss the stage:’ Greg Frewin magically un-retires, returns to his Niagara Falls show

2023-11-23 - AI-generated images showing what Niagara Falls could look in 100 years ‘a real wake-up call’

2023-11-23 - Port Colborne firefighters sent to wrong address for fire call; 911 caller unsure of location

2023-11-23 - The latest on the deadly explosion at the Canada-U. S. border crossing in New York

2023-11-23 - New Hampshire man had no car and no furniture, but died with a big secret, leaving his town millions

2023-11-23 - The end of The Beer Store? I’ll drink to that

2023-11-23 - Canadian astronaut Kutryk bound for space station, colleague to back up moon flight

2023-11-23 - Hourly wages have been fairly stagnant for most workers — except CEOs and senior management, StatCan data shows

2023-11-23 - Last structural beam to be installed for new West Lincoln Memorial Hospital

2023-11-23 - Explosion at the Rainbow Bridge not linked to terrorism, says New York governor

2023-11-23 - The latest on the deadly explosion at the Canada-U. S. border crossing in New York

2023-11-23 - 2 dead after vehicle explodes at Rainbow Bridge border crossing in Niagara Falls, official says

2023-11-23 - An American man convicted of child sex crimes in Kenya 9 years ago is rearrested on new charges

2023-11-23 - St. Lawrence Seaway extends 2023 shipping season into new year

2023-11-23 - Adopt a Pet: No laughing matter. Carol Bunnet needs a home

2023-11-23 - Santa parades through Niagara Falls — with many more stops on his list coming up

2023-11-23 - ‘Affordability improved’, but income of more than $176,000 needed to buy average home in Hamilton

2023-11-23 - Here's how October's inflation data could affect mortgage renewals

2023-11-22 - Spooky favourite ‘The ‘X’ Zone’ returns to Niagara radio

2023-11-22 - New contract not what Niagara paramedics hoped for

2023-11-22 - Province removes Bart Maves from Niagara Parks Commission board

2023-11-22 - Exotic dancer’s request for review of NRP investigation dismissed by court

2023-11-22 - UK police recover the bodies of 4 teenage boys who went missing during a camping trip

2023-11-22 - 'Slap in the face': Indigenous women's group reacts to Emmy win for Sainte-Marie film

2023-11-22 - Going to jail can disrupt health care for people with mental illness, inquest hears

2023-11-22 - Key highlights from the Liberals' 2023 fall economic statement

2023-11-22 - Canada’s grocery giants reveal new plans to stabilize food prices — including expanded price freeze and early holiday discounts

2023-11-22 - He joined Toronto Fire to save lives. The homophobia he says he encountered nearly ended his own

2023-11-22 - 'They’re working nonstop': Massive overtime pushes salaries of Hamilton hospital nurses over $200K

2023-11-22 - UK police recover the bodies of 4 teenage boys who went missing during a camping trip

2023-11-21 - Spooky favourite ‘The ‘X’ Zone’ returns to Niagara radio

2023-11-21 - Tiny homes poised for big opportunity in St. Catharines

2023-11-21 - Niagara House Hunt: $6.5-million custom-built Villa De La Crème for sale in Niagara-on-the-Lake

2023-11-21 - Solaia aims to be where comfort and elegance meet in downtown St. Catharines

2023-11-21 - Some nurse practitioners in Canada not being paid for administering MAID

2023-11-21 - Producing a happy and healthy neighbourhood: St. Catharines groups move markets indoors

2023-11-21 - Crossing the river for Black Friday shopping? CBSA has tips to make the trip smoother

2023-11-21 - Santa and Elf run returns to Niagara-on-the-Lake Dec. 17

2023-11-21 - Region discouraging tent donations for homeless population

2023-11-21 - Police testimony resumes in criminal trial of 'Freedom Convoy' organizers

2023-11-21 - A timeline of retailer Bad Boy's rise and fall

2023-11-20 - Region discouraging tent donations for homeless population

2023-11-20 - ‘I’m at a loss’: Trudeau government’s own experts upset by its foot-dragging over online harms law

2023-11-20 - Rosalynn Carter, outspoken former first lady, dies at 96

2023-11-20 - Scientific report urges debate on genetic modification to control insect pests

2023-11-20 - For this group of trans women, the pope and his message of inclusivity are a welcome change

2023-11-20 - A hat worn by Napoleon sold for $2.1 million at an auction of the French emperor's belongings

2023-11-20 - Invasive bugs that attack hemlock trees found in Lincoln

2023-11-20 - NO FRILLS STRIKE AVERTED: Tentative deal reached Sunday morning will keep 17 stores, 1,200 workers on job in locations across Ontario

2023-11-20 - CRA claws back $458 million in pandemic-era wage subsidies after partial audit

2023-11-20 - Review: More than a magic show, Penn & Teller dig deep at Fallsview Casino

2023-11-20 - 'Please regulate AI:' Artists push for U.S. copyright reforms but tech industry says not so fast

2023-11-20 - Spend this holiday TV season with Paddington, Melissa McCarthy, Lori Loughlin and more

2023-11-19 - Stormwater pond intended to stop PCBs leakage at former St. Catharines GM property is working: ministry

2023-11-19 - Trudeau government to crack down on people who profit from short-term rentals like Airbnb: source

2023-11-19 - NRP investigate ‘suspicious’ Pelham house fire

2023-11-19 - “If he ever drives again, he will eventually kill someone,” judge says at sentencing of impaired driver

2023-11-19 - Welland councillor who instigated meeting where city CAO was fired, asked after the position a day later

2023-11-19 - Niagara’s unemployment rate holding steady through economic uncertainty

2023-11-19 - Niagara Falls and Fort Erie mayors say their communities didn’t need provincially-instigated boundary expansions

2023-11-19 - An ‘untapped’ area of Niagara tourism potential

2023-11-19 - St. Catharines Tree of Giving campaign invites residents to donate toys and gifts

2023-11-19 - New warrant in Barry and Honey Sherman murders focuses on business deals

2023-11-19 - Sex offender Jeffrey Cairns would pose an ‘undue risk to society’ if released: parole board

2023-11-19 - Texas man executed for 2001 killing of 5-year-old girl abducted from a store

2023-11-19 - 776 charges laid against 4 people after trees that blocked condo views of Martindale Pond chopped down

2023-11-19 - Study finds Alberta underestimates methane emissions by 50 per cent

2023-11-19 - Human trafficking victim made $120,000. Waterloo man took it all

2023-11-19 - Doug Ford made a mess of Ontario’s postsecondary schools. Now he needs to undo the damage

2023-11-19 - ‘No one’s experienced something like this:’ Canadian police data shows spike in hate against Jewish and Muslim communities

2023-11-19 - Former RCMP official's rationale for disclosing secrets can't be believed: Crown